Monthly Archives: November, 2012

Politics versus Statesmanship

The soon to be decided presidential contest in the United States has recently revealed the contrast between the politics of “party first” as opposed to working across party lines to assist people in an emergency.  Although the devastation of Hurricane Sandy is unprecedented along our east coast it was refreshing to see President Obama a democrat and New Jersey Governor Christie a republican lay aside party dogma for just a little while to mutually focus on helping people.  Both were not only complimentary of each others efforts but also seemingly stunned by the suffering left in the wake of the monster storm.

I often wonder if our elected leaders have a clue how disenchanted the people who elected them are with the constant mud-slinging and name calling each side focuses at the other?  Our political system was constructed by our wise founding fathers to be a system of compromise.  It does not function if compromise does not occur.  When one group or the other decides that the best way to have political success is to simply stonewall and shut out the other party we have abysmal failure on a catastrophic scale.

With the decision as to who will be our President for the next four years to be decided in less than a week perhaps our leaders will at long last work together to solve the storm of the Republic’s history and actually discover they are heroes to us all.