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Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii

Mary Jane and I throughly enjoyed visiting Oahu, Hawaii with our dear friends and family Ira Kaye and Ron.  This had been something I had dreamed about for years and wondered  if I would ever achieve my wish.  As I said in an earlier post Ron had picked out what I considered the perfect beach cottage that was located fifty feet from the pacific ocean.  It was idyllic.  The constant view of the majestic ocean along with the sound of it’s waves beating against the shore were beyond description and I could not believe my good fortune.  Have you ever experienced real life and it seemed like a dream?  This is how the unparalleled beauty of our paradise location impacted my senses.  I can readily see how the overwhelming ethereal beauty of Hawaii could captivate your emotions and compel you to relocate there for the remainder of your life! Ira Kaye and I are rabid Lost fans.  Nothing would satiate our fandom except visiting Kualoa Ranch where many of the scenes in Lost, as well as many other Hollywood movies, were filmed.  The terrain of the Ranch is unworldly.  It looks like nothing you have ever seen.  Jurassic Park was filmed there along with Mr. Roberts and many other film favorites.  We stood behind the tree that that the stars of Jurassic Park stood behind to escape the dinosaurs.


Above is the surreal beauty of the Ranch as well as the tree from Jurassic Park and a foot print from Godzilla with Matthew Broderick.  Also the submarine from Lost.

Kualoa Ranch was such a fascinating place that we took two guided tours and the second was appreciated as much if not more so than the first.  The second was given in an all terrain vehicle that required a big first step to get into.  Our driver and guide told me that since I was a big man I could ride in the front next to him.  I was experiencing terrible knee pain in my left knee pain over our entire stay in Oahu and doubted if I had the wear with all to step the first three feet step into the vehicle…however thankfully I was able to do so with ease.  This was a an extremely bumpy ride!  The roads were little more than mud paths and our driver traversed them as if he was in practice for the Indianapolis five hundred.  This tour was intended to show the participants the wild untamed side of the ranch.



The wild beauty of the Ranch was spellbinding.  Now when I watch Lost or many of the shows that were filmed on  Oahu I feel like that I am on the set and have a rich understanding of where the actors are.  The building behind the foliage in the first picture is a movie set for the new Jurassic film premiering this summer.

The extravagant beauty of Hawaii mesmerizes me and thus I leave you with some sunsets.



The author G.K. Chesterton said, “We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.”

Old Men Swapping Tales in a Diner


What exactly makes a great story so great? Is it the triumph of good over evil against all of the devilish odds? Is it the underdog rising to the top? Is it all of the Davids throughout the history of the world conquering all of the Goliaths? Can a great story be simple and less than five hundred words in length? Or does a great story need to have the word count of The Brothers Karamazov or the Holy Bible?

I believe great stories come in all shapes and sizes. They travel through kids on the playground during recess to old men swapping tales in a diner. Stories explode through poems, fiction, plays, paintings, photographs, songs, improvisational comedy, newspapers, sitcoms, movies, our very own lives, and the lives of all of the others we meet along the way.

All of our lives have moments of comedy and tragic times…

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