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Celebrating the Gourd in Nice, France

Margo Lestz - The Curious Rambler

Celebrating the Gourd, nice, france, gourd festivalBy Margo Lestz

Nice is a French city, of course, but it also has a strong and proud culture all its own. It was Niçois long before it was French and the people work hard to keep their Niçois traditions alive. It has its own language, anthem, traditional costumes, dances, songs, and food. The language is taught in schools and there are dance groups that perform at many events throughout the year. These associations ensure that the traditions are passed from generation to generation. And the calendar is dotted with several events each year that are typically Niçois.

gourd festival, nice france, dancers, musiciens, celebrating the gourd
Note that the little girl has a long gourd hanging around her back. She played it in the band with the little stick that is tucked into her apron.

One such event is the gourd festival that took place last weekend in the park, in the hills of Cimiez (above Nice). It…

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