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Laugh the Day Away


Laughter is the medicine for all the illnesses in the world. Having a good sense of humor is a great thing to have. I’ve been told on more than one occasion I have a great laugh. A funny laugh. A one of a kind laugh. My life is way more comedy than tragedy. And after any so-called tragedy this world throws at me I’ll still find a way to poke fun of it, laugh, and infect others with joy.

Honestly, (and I do hope this is many years from now) I hope people laugh at my funeral. The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked, “When I die I want everyone to have a good time! At my funeral I want them to roll me out like a big, six foot party sub!” I want people to tell stories, happy stories, about life, not about death, when I’m gone. Then I want them…

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Laugh the Day Away

Laugh the Day Away.