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Project Blue Book

‘Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force.  It started in 1952, the third study of its kind.  A termination order was given for the study in December 1969, and all activities under its auspices officially ceased in January 1970.’   Wikipedia

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There is a dramatic recreation of, true, cases from Project Blue Book on the History Channel.

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Dr. J. Allen Hynek became a member of Project Blue Book in 1952 and remained with the UFO study until its conclusion in 1969.


‘ There he discovered something he might never have learned from simply reading the files: how normal the people who reported seeing UFOs tended to be.  ‘The witnesses I interviewed could have been lying, could have been insane or could have been hallucinating collectively-but I do not think so,’ he recalled in his 1977 book, The Hynek UFO Report.’

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‘Their standing in the community, their lack of motive for perpetration of a hoax, their own puzzlement at the turn of events they believe they witnessed, and often their reluctance to speak for the experience-all lend a subjective reality to their UFO experience.’    History

The term, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ was created by Dr. Hynek.


Dr. Hynek was an Astrophysicist at Northwestern University.

Studies have shown that almost half of all americans believe in Aliens.

When I was a child, the Barney and Betty Hill Alien abduction…fascinated me.

‘ Barney and Betty Hill were an American couple who claimed they were abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural portion of the state of New Hampshire from September 19 to September 20, 1961.  It was the first widely publicized report of an alien abduction in the United States.’


‘ According to a variety of reports given by the Hills, the alleged UFO sighting happened on September 19, 1961, around 10:30 p.m.  The Hills were driving back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal.  Just south of Lancaster, New Hampshire,  Betty claimed to have observed a bright point of light in the sky that moved from below the moon and the planet Jupiter, upwards to the west of the moon.  While Barney navigated U.S. Route 3, Betty reasoned that she was observing a falling star, only it moved upward.  Since it moved erratically and grew bigger and brighter, Betty urged Barney to stop the car for a closer look, as well as to walk their dog, Delsey.  Barney stopped as a scenic picnic area just south of Twin Mountain.’


‘ The Hills claimed that they continued driving on the isolated road, moving very slowly through Franconia Notch in order to observe the object as it came even closer. At one point, the object passed above a restaurant and signal tower on top of Cannon Mountain and came out near the Old Man of the Mountain.  Betty testified that it was at least one and a half times the length of the granite cliff profile, which was 40 feet (12 m) long, and that it seemed to be rotating.  The couple watched as the silent, illuminated craft moved erratically and bounced back and forth in the night sky.’

‘ Approximately one mile south of Indian Head, they said, the object rapidly descended toward their vehicle, causing Barney to stop in the middle of the highway.  The huge silent craft hovered approximately 80-100 feet above the Hills’ 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and filled the entire field of view in the windshield.  It reminds Barney of a huge pancake.  Carrying his pistol in his pocket, he stepped away from the vehicle and moved closer to the object.  Using the binoculars,

‘ ….Barney claimed to have seen about 8 to 11 humanoid figures, who were peering out of the craft’s windows, seeming to look at him in unison, all but one moved to what appeared to be a panel by the rear wall of the hallway that encircled the front portion of the craft.’


‘ Barney ‘tore’ the binoculars away from his eyes and ran back to his car.  In a near hysterical state, he told Betty, ‘They’re going to capture us!  He saw the object again shift its location to directly above the vehicle.  He drove away at high speed, telling Betty to look for the object.  She rolled down the window and looked up.  Almost immediately, the Hills heard a rhythmic series of beeping or buzzing sounds, which they said seemed to bounce off the trunk of their vehicle.  The car vibrated and a tingling sensation passed through the Hills bodies.  The Hills said that then they experienced the onset of an altered state of consciousness that left their mind dulled.  A second series of beeping or buzzing sounds returned the couple to full consciousness.  They found that they had traveled nearly 35 miles south, but had only vague, spotty memories of this section of road.  They recalled making a sudden, unplanned turn, encountering a roadblock, and observing a fiery orb in the road.’    Wikipedia


When Mary Jane and I were returning with our history professor friends, from St. Louis, several years ago…I asked them if either of them had ever seen a UFO?

They looked at me in amazement…and responded that they had not…and inquired if I had?


I have seen flying objects that I could not explain…and I believe others have…also!

How could we accept the, infinity of our universe and the, incalculable galaxies that are beyond the Milky Way…and not believe that there is intelligent life out there…somewhere?

Do we really believe that, we, humans are the only game in town?

What do you think?  Have you ever seen a UFO?


Have you experienced a strange encounter…that did not easily lend itself to a logical explanation?

Former President Jimmy Carter reported seeing a UFO in 1969 at Leary, Georgia.

During my 61 plus years…I have encountered more than one, strange occurrence, …and sought a logical explanation?

Are you satisfied that the reality of life is all contained in what you can; see, touch, taste, smell, and hear?  While at the same time the Bible speaks of angels…….

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Note: Pbotos of Dr. Hynek and Betty and Barney Hill and UFO’s are courtesy of Google search.

Arctic Cold!

Right now it is 10 degrees with a 4mph wind that causes the temperature to feel, on human skin, like 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Mary Jane had a doctor’s appointment, with her spinal surgeon, but when we arrived we discovered that the clinic had no power and that the appointment would have to be re-scheduled.

At the time of the appointment it was 4 degrees!

img_3490 2

Upon leaving the doctor’s office we traveled to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew a license plate…only to discover that they are closed due to the extreme weather.

Having no alternative…we, elected, to travel to Marion, Illinois to enjoy a Cracker Barrel breakfast!  This, joyful, experience warmed a brutally cold morning!

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A large portion of the United States is undergoing Arctic temperatures that, in days gone by, have not reached the midwest and the southern states.

I have read that Global Warming is responsible for a, split, in the polar vortex and the subsequent, unusually, cold temperatures covering the majority of the country.

After our, wonderful, breakfast we decided that it was a good day to go chair shopping…as the arctic blast continued!

As we traveled to, various, furniture stores…we noticed that there seemed to be large portions of our little Southern Illinois towns without power?

It is a terribly cold day to be without power!

img_3492 2

As we drove to; Herrin and West Frankfort…and then, back to Carbondale…we reflected that this is the biggest, travel day, that Mary Jane has had in several months, due first to her, severe back pain, and then her spinal surgery.

It was a fun and cold day…with our, finally finding a chair, in our town!

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In many of our states, the postal service has been canceled due to the bitterly cold temperatures!

Carbondale has opened emergency warming centers from 8:00 P:M: – 8:00 A:M:, as well as a daytime warming center in our town’s Civic Center.

I can not think of anything more important than this action by our city!  Without it…people would die of exposure!

I am so proud to know, State Senator Dale Fowler and Mr. Kerry Camp, who were classmates of mine, as they have spearheaded and opened a meal for anyone who needs a meal, at the First Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg, Illinois…each Tuesday evening!  It is called Heaven’s Kitchen!

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And, so, while many of us go about our lives with being a bit uncomfortable…we are just  an event… or a small slip of circumstance away from the devastation of lack of resources or natural disaster!

While our winter coats are warm and fleecy and our homes are, fully capable, of staying warm…in miserable cold…who is to say that it will always be so?

When our brother and sister or our mother or father is cold or hungry or in danger…we are in danger…because reversals of circumstances can happen in the blink of an eye!

During WWII the Jewish people were robbed of their homes and their possessions and their lives…due to the prejudice and bias and hate of the Nazi regime!

I am, currently, watching a captivating television series on Netflix entitled, Black Earth Rising, covering the Rwanda genocide of the Tutsi people by the Hutus.

Climate change due to Global Warming will not be a respecter of persons!

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The poor and destitute will suffer first, often due to the geographical locales that they live…but the callousness of climate change will not perform the politically expedient check of stock options and bank accounts…that the family of man is concerned with!

The artificial belief that, money, protects the frailty of human life…has often been revealed to be a false construct.

It has been said that the Roman emperor, Nero, ‘fiddled while Rome burned!’

Gated communities feel secure…until the gate is knocked down!

Hunger is a philosophical discussion…until we miss a few meals!





Health Is Wealth!

There must be a reason that so many of us, in the United States, are fat!

I began life as a skinny little kid!

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When I look at an old grade school photo of me, I can not help but notice the narrow, little shoulders, and my svelte physique.

I, also, had a serious look on my face…I had a lot on my mind!

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When Mary Jane and I married on March 24, 1978…I weighed 169 pounds.  Being six feet and three and one half inches tall…I was, rail, thin!  People told me that I looked ill!

Members of the little church that we attended told MJ that she had a mission to put some lb. on me…she accomplished her mission!

The first year of our marriage…I gained 50 lb.!

As my colleague, Lena Wade, told me, ‘Brooks…your additional weight looks good on you…you look like a man…but do not gain anymore!’

I was in Wal-Mart today.  I saw both a husband and wife, driving motorized carts, through the checkout line.  Have you noticed how many people that you encounter that are obese?

When we visited Rome…we saw many, even the majority, of the thin citizens of Rome!

When we visited France…we did not encounter many obese people.

During our, over one month visit to the United Kingdom…I did not see any morbidly obese people on motorized scooters!

The American people’s diet…is failing them!

I, recently, read a statistic that 66% of American adults are overweight or obese.

It has been said that the only effective plan for loosing excess pounds is to increase exercise and decrease calories.

I recall being in a Health Class in university and being amazed that carbohydrates were at the top of the food pyramid while proteins were close to the bottom.

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Also, I am, shocked, at the amount of calories that are in fast food!

Finally, there is a, significant, denial, in our diets, of the value of fruits and vegetables!

It goes without saying that much of our food is, shot full, of preservatives and chemicals and additives that we have no idea what they are…and they are not, real food, bur rather created in a lab…they are chemicals!

We have been Juicing since Christmas, when we began using our Christmas gift from Aaron.

I feel better…already!

Sugar is deadly!

It is incredible how much sugar is consumed by the American people on an annual basis!

‘Today, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year.  This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week!  Nutritionist suggest that Americans should get only 10% of their calories from sugar.’    Google

We have been eating less salt, at home, for some time.  Recently, Aaron, Jonathon and I had dinner at a, favorite barbecue establishment, and I was, almost sickened, by the amount of salt that was on the food!

‘Today, Americans consume an average 3,400 mg per day-almost 50% more than is generally recommended.’    Wikipedia

Eating…should not be entertainment…on a regular basis!

Most of our holidays and special events and birthdays and special remembrances…center around food.

I think that we must seek moderation in our diet and our exercise.  Why not eat for health and exercise for the endorphin rush that it brings and the enlightenment of our soul that occurs?

More fruits and vegetables are good…and they are joyfully consumed by juicing!

We Americans love meat!  Meat is good…but in small quantities.

Shun sugar!

Eschew… not chew…salt!

Drink plenty of water…it is God’s soda pop!

When the compelling desire to eat, consumes you, seek other entertainment!




I Refuse to Sing the Blues Over Bipolar Although “Blues Over Bipolar” Could be a Catchy Song Title

Another great blog by, my son, Jonathon!


A good friend of mine was once telling me about a professional athlete who’d recently been open about having bipolar disorder. My friend asked me, “Do you think it’s hard to be in professional sports and have mental illness?” I replied, “It’s hard to just be a human being and have mental illness.” I’ve known I had bipolar since I was the young age of 19. Although I’ve had bipolar since April 12, 1984, my birthday.

I refuse to sing the blues over bipolar. And I hope you refuse to sing sad songs without hope about whatever ails you as well. Yes, it is hard to be a human being with mental illness. But it’s difficult for all of us to be good humans, full of humanity and love, to ourselves and to our fellow mankind.

What doesn’t destroy us makes us weaker. What makes us weaker causes us to…

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Life In The Slow Lane

I have never been fast.

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Due to a heart murmur, in my youth, I was instructed not to run, and I did not care for the activity, anyway!

However, upon entering the world of work, at the tender age of 17, it quickly dawned on me that I was going to have to speed up to succeed.

While working at Essex International factory, making wire harnesses of Chrysler trucks, I saw that I had to become fast enough to perform my duties on the carrousel that held the harness, that we were constructing, when it came to my station in the circle.

I noticed that if I drank a cup, or two, of coffee on my ten minute break and thirty minute lunch, that I could accomplish the job duties with ease.  In fact I got so fast that the lead person on the carrousel called the time study man to ‘watch my smoke!’

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He commented that he had never seen a person perform the job that I was doing so quickly…and he subsequently sped up the line!

While working at the university I, regularly, was compelled to turn up my speed of job performance…especially during staffing shortages…which were unending.

Modern life is much like a 24/7 marathon!

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I was a manager in my department for twenty-five years…and I was never out of touch!

I have been called on every holiday and anniversary and birthday…as well as on cruises.

I received work related telephone calls when I was in the theatre on the weekends!

When you consider the, extreme demands of employment coupled with the demands of parenthood…it can quickly become overwhelming!

I remember trying to find time to mow the grass!

Then…the expenses of our life, such as housing and food and clothes and education and sports, or other activities, for our children…cause many parents to take a second job or to work, unceasing, overtime…to make ends meet.

Most adults require eight to ten hours of sleep per night…and in reality get five to six.

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It is possible for your life to be happening all around you…while you are too tired to either appreciate or notice it!

There is much to be said for a minimalist philosophy of life.

None of us can do everything…and certainly not everything at once!

It is possible to have a faux life of work…and believe that it is the genuine article.

I have known many people that identified with their work-place much more readily than their home.  They knew the minute intricacies of their career…and they had a defined position in their shop…and their closest friends were their colleagues!

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When you place the work obsessed person in their home with their husband/wife/partner and their children…they are in a foreign country.

The question is…life for work…or is work for life?

So many of the most beautiful components of life…will not pay you a cent!

Does reading a novel…from cover to cover…sound like a luxury?

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Does travel to somewhere that you have never been…seem impossible to conceive?

Does writing…simply for the joy of the process…seem like a plan for retirement?

person holding white paper and typewriter

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Being able to think…and taking the time to enjoy the activity fully…is a life enhancing activity!


Many years ago, I determined that I was going to think for myself and not live my life to fulfill, another person’s, agenda!

Whether it is your faith…or your employment…or your financial decisions…or your diet…moderation is the key to success!

We humans are not constructed for constant frenetic activity.

We need, ample, time for; contemplation and meditation and moderation… to put our ideas to a mental test… and ensure their validity and benefit for our lives.

Good People Make Good Things Happen!

img_3507 2As I partook of a, chilly, walk, today, on campus I thought of the countless, good, people that had labored and striven to build such a marvelous institution of higher education.

img_3509 2I recall, as if it were yesterday, my passion for excellence for all things that are SIU!

My inspiration for excellence was the, wonderful, custodial staff that I was privileged to work with!

Building Services was, and is, a department that knows that they are vital to the success of the university.

Often I feared that I was asking too much from my dedicated staff….but discovered, time and again that they had such a fervent desire to ensure their school’s success…that there was, simply, no end to their efforts of produce immaculate buildings and mentor their, beloved students!

img_3528 2I was watching a news item, the other day, and was saddened to see that there are many homeless students that are attending universities across the country.

I remember the daily/nightly activity of our full time staff bringing food for their student staff.

The greatest event of our year was the annual Thanksgiving Dinner that was began by one of our foreman, Gerald Davis.

This was an event that all of our 200+ student staff attended and the looks of joy on their faces…said it all!

img_3517 3I wonder if university administration understands the dedication of their civil service staff?  I know members of the staff, right now, that work for the betterment of SIU…24/7!

I emailed, my friend, Chancellor John Dunn.  He replied with a warm response and I am very pleased that he has been chosen in this critical, interim, position…at this ‘page turning’ time for our campus.

img_3522 3There is a rooted sense of place and a, intrinsic passion for the Carbondale Campus!

The success of SIUC…is held in the hearts of the members of the university community!  If they are rallied to the paramount cause of our university and our region and our alumni and our emeritus….we can rebuild a school that is, desperately, waiting for the clarion call of, collaborative,  success!

img_3532 2The vision of success that catapulted Southern Illinois University was a dream of raising up those who had not had a hand extended to them before.

Former university president, Delyte Morris, was a visionary in many areas…but two were profound…or really three!

His, groundbreaking dedication to diversity.

His commitment to access and opportunity to individuals with physical and intellectual challenges.

His inclusion of all of the members of the university community in the vision of the Carbondale Campus.

img_3534 3Have you ever encountered someone who made you feel so welcome and included and a part of their world…that being with them enhanced your life experience and expanded your mind and enlivened your zeal to become more than you currently were?

That is what being a member of Southern Illinois University did for me for over 32 years…up until and including today!

SIUC has always been as strong as it’s people!  When the university community is empowered and provided with the tools necessary to succeed…it will draw students to it…like a magnet!

img_3543img_3514 3If we focus on what is missing…we will continue to search.

If we focus on common ground…we will build together!

city new york statue of liberty usa

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‘Let Them Pay Interest.’

‘Let them pay interest, ‘Trump’s multi-millionaire commerce secretary Wilbur Ross tells federal employees who are running out of cash they should BORROW some – and he did not ‘quite understand’ why they are going to food banks.’    Daily Mail

The last queen of France before the French revolution, Marie Antoinette, is purported to have said, ‘Let them eat cake,’ after being told that the peasants did not have bread to eat.    Wikipedia

‘On Wednesday night, unions representing aviation workers-including air traffic controllers, pilots, and flight attendants-released an ominous statement warning that the ongoing government shutdown, now in its 33rd day, posses serious safety risks for its members and for the larger traveling public.’    Mother Jones

‘We cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play.’    Mother Jones

President Trump’s, daughter-in-law, Lara Trump said that the government shutdown is a, ‘bit of a pain,’ for federal workers…but that the future of our country was bigger than any one person.

How about 800,000 persons?

Many years ago I was caught up in a political game or two, that reminds me of our current government shut-down crisis.

The university was experiencing a financial shortfall due to declining enrollment, which was over 20,000 at the time, and, thus, administration decided that they were going to lay-off 80% of the housekeeping staff.

When I requested an emergency meeting with the vice chancellor of administration, to inform him about the, physical devastation, as well as the level of risk to our most critical priority which was the recruitment and retention of students, I was granted a meeting that same day!

I explained that I was aware that our financial instability was directly caused by the precipitous drop in our enrollment and the, ongoing challenge of retaining our students,  that we did succeed in convincing to attend our wonderful school.

I promised that the university, with the loss of 80% of our cleaning staff…would immediately become unkempt and filthy…and that there would be no chalk for the chalkboards and debris blocking the doors of the classrooms as well as rest rooms that would not pass a board of health inspection!

I told the vice chancellor to not attempt to call me with the plethora of complaints that he would received, from the first day, because I would, personally, be dedicating  16 hours per day in the project of putting toilet tissue and paper towels in the rest rooms…as there would be no one to accomplish this, vital, task!

I asked the vice chancellor if he did not think that someone should inform the chancellor, who is the CEO of the organization, regarding the impending devastation?

He not only agreed with me but, telephoned the chancellor and went to meet with him while I was in his office.  When he returned he told me that the chancellor had said that he may have to go through with the, severe cut in Building Services budget…to make a point!

Simply put…the obliteration of the custodial staff did not have to be made due to fiscal exigency…but for political expediency!

And, so we face the devastation of 800,000 federal employees…and the lack of protection at our airports by the TSA…because they do not have the gasoline to get to work or the money to pay for their childcare…or food to eat…

We state that our air traffic controllers are undergoing, ‘a bit of pain’, but their pain is not as important as the…wall…what if a airliner crashes due to the. ‘bit of pain’…that the controllers are undergoing for the…political point?

If your child is hungry…and you do not have any money to feed her/him…and you think of the, obscure, concept of a wall, of which we have more than one along the 2,000 mile southern border…and if you consider that the wall that your child is going hungry for…will not be built for years,  if the money is obtained….and that it will never be built from sea to shinning sea……try explaining that concept to your hungry baby!


‘What, Me Worry’

For those, baby boomers, who wiled away the hours reading Mad Magazine, you may recall that ‘What, Me Worry’ was the caption under the face of Alfred E. Newman.

Certainly, worry is a, primary, consumer of much of our lives.

person people woman hand

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Have you ever found yourself worrying about some issue, perhaps infinitesimal, and later discovered that it was a waste of time to be concerned about it?

Often, in the workplace, we are consumed with the cares of the office or shop.  We seek influence, political or otherwise, to advance our careers and keep a wary eye on  our colleagues and their advancement or their work production.

As a retired professor said to me recently, her academic credentials did not have the same cache as when she was employed.

We chase; promotion, position, and prominence…only to find that they last, but a moment!

In the university community, that I was a member of for my entire career, the hierarchal structure lends itself to, inflating the self-importance of many leaders.

When you are no longer a; supervisor, or an administrator, or a chancellor or president…you quickly discover that, indeed, you did not experience transubstantiation into a magical and mystical new person…but that you are, simply a human being…with the same challenges that all of the human beings, that you formerly supervised, undergo!

man wearing white dress shirt with black necktie

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I have watched colleagues and friends become enraptured in people that hold leadership positions.  I worry about their, certain disappointment, when they discover that their, idol, has feet of clay!

We worry about what others think of us or if they had a, hidden agenda, in a comment that they made.  When, in reality, we probably have not crossed their mind.

Many times, worry may be likened to, ‘not being able to see the forest for the trees!’

trees in park

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Of course there is the well known saying, ‘Do not sweat the small stuff…and it is all small stuff!’

Life is a game of calculated risks.

The, fiscally,  conservative person says, ‘let me save every penny that I can…and deny myself any rewards from my labor…and when I die…wear a suit with big pockets!’

The, fiscally, liberal person intones, ‘let me travel and eat and drink…and think of today…and tomorrow will take care of itself!’

Retirement, is referred to as the golden years.

A key to enjoying the golden years is to do things that you, throughly, enjoy doing…as well as focusing on helping others.

The gift of shunning the negative and embracing the positive…is life affirming and a vanquisher of worry.

Negative media can cause worry!  It is important to be engaged in the world that we live in…but not obsessed with it.  Many times we must decide what we have the power to influence and what we have to accept…

‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.’    Reinhold Niebuhr

So often the things that we, obsessively, worry about…do not remotely represent the challenges that we will face.

Have you ever had a worry suddenly melt away…like a snowball in July?

Life, often presents us with the, mental picture, that we have of ourselves!

If you have an image of yourself as a winner and someone who can overcome obstacles…you will!

man wearing blue suit jacket beside woman with gray suit jacket

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If your mental photograph…shows you with a dark cloud over your head…and never hitting the baseball or never kicking the football…never getting the opportunity that you are, certain, that others receive on a regular basis…then…those whom you encounter…will treat you accordingly!





Snow Angels!

It seems that it does not snow, as often, as when I was a child?

img_3487 3


I recall walking to school on a narrow path with two foot snow drifts, as the walls of the path, and wearing rubber snow boots for the entire winter season!

You know…perhaps they were not always two foot snow drifts…but they seemed like it to a first grader!

img_3490 2

There are years, now days, that we received little to no snow, in Southern Illinois.

I, vividly, remember the blizzard of 1978!  Eighteen to 20 inches of snow fell…and I spent all day digging out my finance’s, Ford Maverick, car.  I weighed 175 pounds, which for a six foot and three and one half inch man…is slim!

My buddy, Steve, and I endeavored to drive to Johnston City, Illinois to perform our custodial duties and the headquarters of Ziegler Coal Company…who’s chairman was Willam Orlandi.

img_3492 2

Mr Orlandi had a ceramic figurine of three frogs on his, chairman desk, and when you lifted the frogs up…they were complete with, male human genitalia!  It was a very, curious, piece of art!

We could not see where we were driving as it was a blizzard…a white out!  After Steve pushed us out of a ditch…we turned around and headed for our, Elkville, home.

When we cleaned, Ziegler Coal Company headquarters, we were told that we could heat the cold coffee that was left in the coffee pot…and we, gladly did!

During these coffee events, I, often consumed several spoon full of Cremora…as we had nothing to eat at the home that we shared with other, single, young men, from our church.

city man person people

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The City of Carbondale has opened a Warming Center in our town.  The Good Samaritan House has been doing, phenomenal work in aiding the homeless…for many years, and the Warming Center was a needed addition!

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning, television program, this morning and saw a segment on homeless university students.

I discovered, in 1980, that there were hungry students on my housekeeping crew.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale began a Food Pantry a couple of years ago.  It was, sorely, needed!

Mary Jane and I had spoken, often, about moving to a northern climate…when we retired.  Now that we are older and retired…we see that this was an idea that was born of youthful exuberance!

Life brings snow and ice to our lives…perhaps…many times.

img_3499 2

We are sailing along without a care or worry…and health concerns captivate our attention!

We are sick and we are afraid…and we wonder where God is…and if he, fully understands our predicament?

We are working at our chosen career.  Suddenly, an manager decides that we are not their, ‘cup of tea!’

We fear being halted in our promotional progression…or worse being terminated by a boss who is bent on our destruction!

When I looked at my young sons…I feared what would happen if I lost my job or if my health failed!

I am an ardent believer in guardian angels!

I have felt angelic presence in my life on more than one occasion!

When I was young I feared being drafted into the war in Vietnam.  I knew that the war was politicly motivated and was the step-child of narcissistic presidents!

As I became older…I worried about my sons and my, vehement desire, to not see them fight in a war that had no purpose…other than the political, ‘wet dream’, of a leader that was watching their poll numbers more than the, logical expediency, of an armed conflict!

Life brings us, brilliant, sunshine and, beautiful snow!

Often…the snow covers ice…and slick slippery…rib fracturing….injury!

So, is life!  The challenges of life…ultimately make it sweeter!

The pain that we suffer…causes us to appreciate the pleasure of peaceful and healthy times!

The fear and trepidation of my early years as a manage in Building Services…prepared me for the latter years…when I encountered, difficult, challenges!

As a small child I was diagnosed with, viral mild carditis, and had undergone, several, examinations from a team of heart doctors.

I remember my dad, crying, after a examination by a team of three cardiologist.

I determined, once I became an adult…that I would perform every challenge that life brought my way….and I have succeeded in the mission!

Do  not allow someone to steal your destiny from you!

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It has not been that long ago, that I do not remember the necessity of working every day and budgeting for and expecting a paycheck at the conclusion of the pay period.

Having to consider going without a pay day, which in my early years at the university was every two weeks, would be a devastating financial concept!

I was, fortunate, to have a job that I did not miss a day of pay…until a series of three furlough days in 2010…the last year of my employment.  I experienced, the initial loss, of two of the three days, at the conclusion of 2010…and was retired for the third furlough in 2011.

Later, an arbitration board, found that the furlough days at SIU were not negotiated in good faith with the faculty union…and subsequently SIU payed all of the union and non union, employees,  back pay for the time lost.

I do not support republicans or democrats in the longest governmental shut down in our history…where American workers are being used as pawns!

Food banks are being set up to feed federal workers who have no money for groceries!

The reality is that most of the American people live from pay day to pay day…and have no savings or emergency fund!

The president said, when asked what he thought regarding federal workers going without their pay checks, that they would adjust…they always do.

Please explain to me how you adjust when you are out of milk and butter and eggs and your children are hungry…and you have no money?

Tell me how you heat your home, which is something that I experienced, many years ago,  when I and the gentlemen that I was sharing expense with, confront the representative of the utility company…regrading lack of payment and the notification that your electricity is going to be shut off!

How do we compel, TSA to come to work, when they do not have the money to pay for the gasoline to drive there?

How do you tell the parents of autistic children that there is no money for their children’s care…when the battle budgetary battle is driven by ego and political expediency?

Our government is causing, untold, suffering upon hard working Americans that neither asked for the battle or support the political agendas.

We were told…on more occasions than I can count…that Mexico would pay for the wall that the president wants.

We have reason to believe that a bill to keep the government open was agreed upon…until the president was criticized by, conservative talk personalities, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coutler.

It is time to stop the madness!

Either the republicans, in the Senate, must override a veto from their president…and their, absent, Senate,  leader Mitch McConnell, must be found and convinced that he is not the employee of the president!

Democrats must compromise…for the welfare of their, suffering, constituents.

Our government was founded upon and is based on…compromise!

It strains credulity to say that, many of the furloughed federal workers, are supportive of the president’s, fighting windmills concept, of a concrete or steel slat wall…from sea to shinning sea!  Immigration experts agree that a physical wall is not the answer for the entire southern border.

By the same token…it is not the answer to our immigration problems to furlough 800,000 federal workers…which estimates calculate are already a six billion dollar loss to our economy, which is one billion more than the president has requested for a physical wall!

There are democrats and republicans and independents…and people who do not give a damn.. politically, in the 800,000 furloughed federal workers..

The TSA is experiencing mass call offs…and not due to illness.  Many TSA staff are stating that they, simply, do not have the gas money to drive to work!

If we are, preeminently concerned with our countries’s security…how do we persecute the TSA…who guard our airline flights and protect us from the primary threat of terrorist?

The first goal of a democratic govenment is the protection of it’s citizens.

It is time to fulfill that goal!