Snow Angels!

It seems that it does not snow, as often, as when I was a child?

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I recall walking to school on a narrow path with two foot snow drifts, as the walls of the path, and wearing rubber snow boots for the entire winter season!

You know…perhaps they were not always two foot snow drifts…but they seemed like it to a first grader!

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There are years, now days, that we received little to no snow, in Southern Illinois.

I, vividly, remember the blizzard of 1978!  Eighteen to 20 inches of snow fell…and I spent all day digging out my finance’s, Ford Maverick, car.  I weighed 175 pounds, which for a six foot and three and one half inch man…is slim!

My buddy, Steve, and I endeavored to drive to Johnston City, Illinois to perform our custodial duties and the headquarters of Ziegler Coal Company…who’s chairman was Willam Orlandi.

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Mr Orlandi had a ceramic figurine of three frogs on his, chairman desk, and when you lifted the frogs up…they were complete with, male human genitalia!  It was a very, curious, piece of art!

We could not see where we were driving as it was a blizzard…a white out!  After Steve pushed us out of a ditch…we turned around and headed for our, Elkville, home.

When we cleaned, Ziegler Coal Company headquarters, we were told that we could heat the cold coffee that was left in the coffee pot…and we, gladly did!

During these coffee events, I, often consumed several spoon full of Cremora…as we had nothing to eat at the home that we shared with other, single, young men, from our church.

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The City of Carbondale has opened a Warming Center in our town.  The Good Samaritan House has been doing, phenomenal work in aiding the homeless…for many years, and the Warming Center was a needed addition!

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning, television program, this morning and saw a segment on homeless university students.

I discovered, in 1980, that there were hungry students on my housekeeping crew.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale began a Food Pantry a couple of years ago.  It was, sorely, needed!

Mary Jane and I had spoken, often, about moving to a northern climate…when we retired.  Now that we are older and retired…we see that this was an idea that was born of youthful exuberance!

Life brings snow and ice to our lives…perhaps…many times.

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We are sailing along without a care or worry…and health concerns captivate our attention!

We are sick and we are afraid…and we wonder where God is…and if he, fully understands our predicament?

We are working at our chosen career.  Suddenly, an manager decides that we are not their, ‘cup of tea!’

We fear being halted in our promotional progression…or worse being terminated by a boss who is bent on our destruction!

When I looked at my young sons…I feared what would happen if I lost my job or if my health failed!

I am an ardent believer in guardian angels!

I have felt angelic presence in my life on more than one occasion!

When I was young I feared being drafted into the war in Vietnam.  I knew that the war was politicly motivated and was the step-child of narcissistic presidents!

As I became older…I worried about my sons and my, vehement desire, to not see them fight in a war that had no purpose…other than the political, ‘wet dream’, of a leader that was watching their poll numbers more than the, logical expediency, of an armed conflict!

Life brings us, brilliant, sunshine and, beautiful snow!

Often…the snow covers ice…and slick slippery…rib fracturing….injury!

So, is life!  The challenges of life…ultimately make it sweeter!

The pain that we suffer…causes us to appreciate the pleasure of peaceful and healthy times!

The fear and trepidation of my early years as a manage in Building Services…prepared me for the latter years…when I encountered, difficult, challenges!

As a small child I was diagnosed with, viral mild carditis, and had undergone, several, examinations from a team of heart doctors.

I remember my dad, crying, after a examination by a team of three cardiologist.

I determined, once I became an adult…that I would perform every challenge that life brought my way….and I have succeeded in the mission!

Do  not allow someone to steal your destiny from you!

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