It has not been that long ago, that I do not remember the necessity of working every day and budgeting for and expecting a paycheck at the conclusion of the pay period.

Having to consider going without a pay day, which in my early years at the university was every two weeks, would be a devastating financial concept!

I was, fortunate, to have a job that I did not miss a day of pay…until a series of three furlough days in 2010…the last year of my employment.  I experienced, the initial loss, of two of the three days, at the conclusion of 2010…and was retired for the third furlough in 2011.

Later, an arbitration board, found that the furlough days at SIU were not negotiated in good faith with the faculty union…and subsequently SIU payed all of the union and non union, employees,  back pay for the time lost.

I do not support republicans or democrats in the longest governmental shut down in our history…where American workers are being used as pawns!

Food banks are being set up to feed federal workers who have no money for groceries!

The reality is that most of the American people live from pay day to pay day…and have no savings or emergency fund!

The president said, when asked what he thought regarding federal workers going without their pay checks, that they would adjust…they always do.

Please explain to me how you adjust when you are out of milk and butter and eggs and your children are hungry…and you have no money?

Tell me how you heat your home, which is something that I experienced, many years ago,  when I and the gentlemen that I was sharing expense with, confront the representative of the utility company…regrading lack of payment and the notification that your electricity is going to be shut off!

How do we compel, TSA to come to work, when they do not have the money to pay for the gasoline to drive there?

How do you tell the parents of autistic children that there is no money for their children’s care…when the battle budgetary battle is driven by ego and political expediency?

Our government is causing, untold, suffering upon hard working Americans that neither asked for the battle or support the political agendas.

We were told…on more occasions than I can count…that Mexico would pay for the wall that the president wants.

We have reason to believe that a bill to keep the government open was agreed upon…until the president was criticized by, conservative talk personalities, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coutler.

It is time to stop the madness!

Either the republicans, in the Senate, must override a veto from their president…and their, absent, Senate,  leader Mitch McConnell, must be found and convinced that he is not the employee of the president!

Democrats must compromise…for the welfare of their, suffering, constituents.

Our government was founded upon and is based on…compromise!

It strains credulity to say that, many of the furloughed federal workers, are supportive of the president’s, fighting windmills concept, of a concrete or steel slat wall…from sea to shinning sea!  Immigration experts agree that a physical wall is not the answer for the entire southern border.

By the same token…it is not the answer to our immigration problems to furlough 800,000 federal workers…which estimates calculate are already a six billion dollar loss to our economy, which is one billion more than the president has requested for a physical wall!

There are democrats and republicans and independents…and people who do not give a damn.. politically, in the 800,000 furloughed federal workers..

The TSA is experiencing mass call offs…and not due to illness.  Many TSA staff are stating that they, simply, do not have the gas money to drive to work!

If we are, preeminently concerned with our countries’s security…how do we persecute the TSA…who guard our airline flights and protect us from the primary threat of terrorist?

The first goal of a democratic govenment is the protection of it’s citizens.

It is time to fulfill that goal!



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