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Destination Destin

For the past five years we have been making an annual trek to Destin, Florida.  Sweet members of our family have graciously invited us each year to join them in this idyllic location of the globe.  Except as a child, when I throughly enjoyed swimming at our local ” swimming hole” (Pounds Hollow), I have spent the preponderance of my adult life in air conditioned comfort.  I have admired those brave souls that love beach life…but have not until recently been an active participant.  That began to transform in the late spring of 2011 when I encountered the cool white sands and emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico at Destin.  There is a peaceful essence associated with the sand and surf of this now highly sought out location.  I have noticed a subtle spell engulfs me upon my arrival each year.  One of the signs of the coming of the magic is less worry, more smiling, and more reading, under the expertly placed umbrellas and chase lounges strategically located by the proficient, friendly staff.

As you lounge in shaded comfort and gaze upon the endless emerald sea you cannot help but reflect on the enormity of God’s creation and your good fortune to be a part of it.  Problems that seemed immense suddenly appear in their proper perspective.  You know there is a reason we humans seek to live near water…it’s therapeutic properties are infinite.


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IMG_2174 IMG_2300

As you can see sometimes it was a little stormy…but that was no problem as it only added to the mystery.