Health Is Wealth!

There must be a reason that so many of us, in the United States, are fat!

I began life as a skinny little kid!

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When I look at an old grade school photo of me, I can not help but notice the narrow, little shoulders, and my svelte physique.

I, also, had a serious look on my face…I had a lot on my mind!

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When Mary Jane and I married on March 24, 1978…I weighed 169 pounds.  Being six feet and three and one half inches tall…I was, rail, thin!  People told me that I looked ill!

Members of the little church that we attended told MJ that she had a mission to put some lb. on me…she accomplished her mission!

The first year of our marriage…I gained 50 lb.!

As my colleague, Lena Wade, told me, ‘Brooks…your additional weight looks good on you…you look like a man…but do not gain anymore!’

I was in Wal-Mart today.  I saw both a husband and wife, driving motorized carts, through the checkout line.  Have you noticed how many people that you encounter that are obese?

When we visited Rome…we saw many, even the majority, of the thin citizens of Rome!

When we visited France…we did not encounter many obese people.

During our, over one month visit to the United Kingdom…I did not see any morbidly obese people on motorized scooters!

The American people’s diet…is failing them!

I, recently, read a statistic that 66% of American adults are overweight or obese.

It has been said that the only effective plan for loosing excess pounds is to increase exercise and decrease calories.

I recall being in a Health Class in university and being amazed that carbohydrates were at the top of the food pyramid while proteins were close to the bottom.

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Also, I am, shocked, at the amount of calories that are in fast food!

Finally, there is a, significant, denial, in our diets, of the value of fruits and vegetables!

It goes without saying that much of our food is, shot full, of preservatives and chemicals and additives that we have no idea what they are…and they are not, real food, bur rather created in a lab…they are chemicals!

We have been Juicing since Christmas, when we began using our Christmas gift from Aaron.

I feel better…already!

Sugar is deadly!

It is incredible how much sugar is consumed by the American people on an annual basis!

‘Today, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year.  This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week!  Nutritionist suggest that Americans should get only 10% of their calories from sugar.’    Google

We have been eating less salt, at home, for some time.  Recently, Aaron, Jonathon and I had dinner at a, favorite barbecue establishment, and I was, almost sickened, by the amount of salt that was on the food!

‘Today, Americans consume an average 3,400 mg per day-almost 50% more than is generally recommended.’    Wikipedia

Eating…should not be entertainment…on a regular basis!

Most of our holidays and special events and birthdays and special remembrances…center around food.

I think that we must seek moderation in our diet and our exercise.  Why not eat for health and exercise for the endorphin rush that it brings and the enlightenment of our soul that occurs?

More fruits and vegetables are good…and they are joyfully consumed by juicing!

We Americans love meat!  Meat is good…but in small quantities.

Shun sugar!

Eschew… not chew…salt!

Drink plenty of water…it is God’s soda pop!

When the compelling desire to eat, consumes you, seek other entertainment!




4 responses

  1. Not just America…in my lil red dot too. Our government is waging war against sugar. Carbohydrates have sugars and here we are urged to eat veggies, fruits and healthy grains.

    1. Weight has been a battle for me for most of my life. 😵

      1. Sigh…me too! I think some others are so lucky to be so slim regardless of what they eat! Ahh well…what is key is being important

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