How To Keep a Good Employee

Over my 32 year career at Southern Illinois University, with 31 years being involved in either supervisor or management/administration, I discovered several elements involved in retaining a good employee.

When I began at the university I, immediately, felt appreciated!

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As a 20, almost, 21 year old I wanted to not only produce a good job…I wanted to produce an excellent job!  I had not worked a week when office occupants, in Thalman Hall, began to tell me that they appreciated the cleanliness of their; offices, and rest rooms, and public areas.

During those first days of being a member of the SIUC community, I had determined that I had friends that were professionals, such as accountancy and insurance executives, and that I was going to be a housekeeping professional!

My supervisor made me feel welcome…from my first night of work, as did his supervisor.  Within the first few days of my service…the custodial supervisor for the night housekeeping operations…visited me and told me that he had been hearing good things about me and invited me to go to Personnel and take the Building Custodian exam…which is the position that my boss held.

IMG_3153 3

I was amazed at the positive attention and feedback that I had received…so quickly!

I felt that I was a new member of a, career, housekeeping family!

Now in the first years of my time at SIUC, it was customary to receive an 8% raise annually.  I knew that this was a wonderful pay raise…as I had not been accustomed to receiving any in my previous positions.

I recall asking a colleague if he was excited about the 8% raise…and he began to laugh so hard that he bent over and grabbed his knees and tears came to his eyes and then he asked me, ‘do you think that 8 cents is a good raise?’


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I did to have the heart to correct him, as he had enjoyed the joke….so much!

The popular motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, said that, ‘I really do not care how much you know…until I know how much you care…about me.’

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The vital component to keeping a good employee is that the person must feel that they are an essential member of the team!

This would be the same for professors and janitors…and all members of a university community or any workplace.

Periodic pay increases are extremely important.  My wife and I have been retired since the end of 2010 and February of 2011.  We have, regular received 3% pay increases, for each year of our retirement…accept the first.

If you want to retain, outstanding staff, you, at the minimum, must keep an eye on the cost of living.

The university, has undergone extreme challenges…that include; not having a state budget for two years and the, subsequent, abdication of, fiscal, responsibility by the state …for public higher education.

I have been told, on numerous occasions, that my supervisor, or manager, or administrator…supported me and loved my job performance and that they could not replace me…but and if there is no financial support…the words are hollow!

Money…in the university or in the workplace…equals support for the hard work of, supremely, dedicated staff!  In the university…financial support is an un-equivocal marker of recognition and appreciation!

Over 40 years I have watched as my, beloved, university builds majestic buildings and seems to find the money for, top, administrators and leaders!

The church…is not the building…it is the congregation.

The Union…is not the Union Hall…it is the members.

The University is not the buildings or the beautiful campus…it is the people that make it run…and are, unfailing, in their dedication to it’s success!

I have known, throughout my career, many staff for which money…is not their primary motivator!  These precious people love their school!  They are working…night and day…and many hours for which they are not paid…to re-build and strengthen and secure SIUC…from the winds of change and the vagaries of a state that has been AWOL and the revolving door of leadership at the campus level.

As we build our recruitment and retention efforts and bolster our academic programs…let us re-build the people that have kept our campus afloat!

It is money well spent!


150 Years of Southern Illinois University

Today begins Southern Illinois University’s celebration of it’s 150th anniversary in Carbondale, Illinois.

I have been admiring the jubilant faces of faculty, staff, and students as they pose for photos that encourage people to give to the university.

The signs that the SIUC students are holding, for the photos, are clever in their plea for financial assistance for various segments, of a large and diverse, academic institution.  The signs state that if the student had, $1,000.00…that they would give it to their, favorite discipline or department.

When I saw chancellor John Dunn’s big smile, I was reminded of the can-do spirit that founded SIUC and that has kept it vibrant for the past 150 years!

I served on chancellor, Walter Wendler’s, Southern @ 150 committee, several years ago, and the group was comprised of 258 individuals who served on a plethora of sub-committees.

I remember thinking that the committee’s goals were ambitious and the target date for their completion was a mere 16 years away!

One of the most enjoyable experiences I had, while serving with the, august group, was listening to Dr. Samuel Goldman.  Dr. Goldman had such wisdom and a far reaching understanding of not only the university but also the Southern Illinois region…and what it would take to make both flourish!  Dr. Goldman, later went on to become the chancellor of SIUC.

The years from the Southern @ 150 committee to the realization of the 150th anniversary of our school…have raced by!

During those years we have undergone the triple threat of; abysmal state funding and two years without a state budget, a precipitous decrease in our student enrollment, and poor management by a revolving door of chancellors.

The General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio will close Friday.  Thousands of GM employees will be laid-off.  This is not only devastating to the laid-off employees and their families…but also to the businesses in Lordstown and the economy of the area!

Lordstown, Ohio  is a company town…as is Carbondale, Illinois!

Dr. Samuel Goldman understood the dynamic of town and gown…and he explained it to us, clearly and succinctly, in our sub-committee…so many years ago.

SIUC has been an integral part of my life for over 40 years.

The success that the university has afforded me…did not come to me in the traditional academic route.

I was hired as a Building Service Worker I, which is a janitor, and it was the best job that I had ever had!

I could not believe my good fortune to have a job that had a good pay and great benefits!

Being a member of the university community…I wanted to avail myself of the academic opportunities that were available to me.

As I enrolled in classes…and gained confidence in my academic ability…and received encouragement from wonderful professors such as, Carol Burns, I began to believe that I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to!

Happiness and contentment…do not adequately describe my career at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale!  It is, simply, a wonderful place to grow and become a more developed human being.

My world expanded, ten fold, through my years at SIUC.

When I think of the opportunities that I was able to offer to people that do not, typically, receive opportunities…I am speechless!

SIUC is an open door that has opportunity written above it and on the lintels of the door posts!

SIUC is an ocean of knowledge and understanding and growth and acceptance of others who may be different than you are…and it is located in the midst of Little Egypt…and it is a hidden treasure….and, often, people that move here…never leave…why would you want to leave nirvana?

There is a feeling of anticipation that is, palpable, in the air around SIUC!

Students from the northern parts of Illinois and Chicago…want to come here…it is beautiful and sedate and peaceful and a natural laboratory that is worthy of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Thoreau!

Students from across the globe…want to attend Southern Illinois University at Carbondale…because it is like nothing that they have ever experienced…and it possess the, epitome, of academic programs!

The people of Carbondale and of Southern Illinois…love their university and they love…SIUC students!

Over many years, when I worked at Building Services, we had an annual Thanksgiving dinner.  The primary focus of our dinner was our 200 student staff.  Chancellors and presidents came to have Thanksgiving dinner with us…and they marveled at the unity and the love and the…family…that we had!



Thinking About Spring!

Although the temperatures have dipped into the single digits, the last two nights, and we have snow on the ground, I am thinking of spring!

Winter has been especially cold this year…or at least it seems so to me.

I am watching the geese on our pond, and they do not seem to be worried about anything.  When Parker, our Lab, barked at them, earlier, they honked, a little, and moved, even less!

I was overwhelmed with the goodness of God over the winter when a member of my family had surgery and her, terrible pain was alleviated!.  I did not have time to feel lonely or forgotten, due to so many members of our church coming to our aid and bringing the most delicious meals and fellowship to us.

I think that winter must be a time to regroup and reassess and renew our life’s journey and be the cartographer of our living map.

You know, really, our life is nothing more than a series of choices, and often is is difficult to discern which bend in the road to follow!

I see so many positive and productive moves being made by our chancellor at SIUC, such as the approval of a nursing program for our school…that will, greatly, benefit our entire region!

IMG_1412 2

The fragility of life…walks arm in arm with the permanence of life!

‘My beloved speaks and says to me:

‘Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away;

for now the winter is past,

the rain is over and gone.

The flowers appear on the earth;

the time of singing has come,

and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land.

The fig tree puts forth its figs,

and the vines are in blossom;

they give forth fragrance.

Arise, my love, my fair one,

and come away.’     Song of Solomon 2:10-13    NRSV

It seems that we must rise and seize the day…and claim the, majestic gift, that we have been given!

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‘Anxiety – A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.’    Dictionary

Feelings of anxiety are unpleasant.

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Anxiety and nervous worry…is debilitating!

I can, vividly, recall being asked to officiate at funerals for deceased members of the little church that I attended, so many years ago, and feeling an, overpowering nausea, for a period of two hours or more before the service.

I was so nervous that I was not up to the task…or that I would say the wrong thing…or that somehow I was inadequate!  However, once I began speaking, I felt calm and secure and determined to deliver a message, that with God’s assistance, would be a comfort to the family of the deceased and, credit, to their life!

I have always felt an, unease or anxiety, before public speaking.  Yet, upon, speaking to, many, audiences for over 40 years…I have received, many gracious compliments.

When I was 29 years old I became the assistant superintendent of Building Services at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  This position entailed the management of 150 full time staff and 200 part time staff and the 24/7 housekeeping of over 200 campus and off campus buildings.

I reported for work at 3:30 p:m:…and I was sick to my stomach each day…for at least two years!

Prior to my promotion to the assistant manager of a large academic/custodial organization…I had been a crew supervisor, as well as a foreman with several crews reporting to me.  I was comfortable with these levels of supervisory responsibility due to being able to, empirically, inspect the quality of the cleaning that our staff was performing…but the idea of being responsible for several hundred people and 200 hundred buildings…was a bit overwhelming!

I believe that many of us are, privately, consumed with feelings of anxiety and extreme worry…and fear of what awaits us around the, next, corner!

Now…as you know…most feelings of anxiety are baseless!

Most worry…is a specter in or our mind and a shadow, that lurks in our peripheral vision, that we can not see well…but feel it’s foreboding presence!

So many things that worry us are fog banks that seek to hide our abilities from us.

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Our current political environment can make us ill…with anxiety!

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat…if the news make you anxious and effects your sleep or your general feeling of wellbeing….a good idea would be to consume less of it.

So much of what we see in the media, can cause you to feel left behind or not good enough…or as the Saturday Night Live character, Stuart Smalley, as portrayed by Al Franken…’I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, People like me.’

Happiness is not contained in…things!

Many of us require an automobile…but do we need a Mercedes Benz?

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We require shelter and a comfortable home, is a blessing….but do we need the largest home in the neighborhood…or a summer cottage?

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We don’t want to be hungry…but is gluttony the answer?


We want to be clothed…but do we need a $2,000 suit…is it not still made of cloth?


Real life is not depicted in our nightly commercials or our, rat race, to ‘keep up with the Jones family!’

We are cajoled into believing that there are enemies lurking around every corner and behind every bush.  The fear mongering of, self-serving, politicians has made us afraid of our neighbors and anyone who looks different from us…or who worships differently than we do…and assured us that only a few countries are worthy of us allowing, their refugees,  entry into the United States.


Now we sit in our houses with our doors securely locked and our alarm systems engaged…and when we see our neighbor suffering…we experience anxiety!

‘Worry never robs tomorrow of the sorrow, it only saps today of its joy’    A Healthy Place

‘Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear.’    A Healthy Place

‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.’    II Timothy 1:7    KJV




IMG_5425Yesterday, dear Marcy and Brock visited us!

We had originally planned to get together in October and then in December…but illness prevented our reunion!

Each opportunity that I have to visit with the Tennessee Brooks…I realize what wonderful and sweet people that they are!

IMG_3817 2I am the oldest of our father’s lineage and Brock is the youngest.  We first met in August of 2016 at the Marriott Airport Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  Brock and Marcy, graciously, drove over  an hour to meet us for lunch…upon our return from our visit to the United Kingdom.

IMG_3824 3We enjoyed dinner at Walker’s Bluff, The Tasting Room, that is located about three miles from our home.

The Tasting Room is a quality restaurant and a relaxing venue to to enjoy drinks and a leisurely dinner…with a, wonderful musician to serenade our familial bonds!

The musician was, Leight July, and her singing and guitar playing was virtuosos!

IMG_3826 2When I am with Brock and Marcy…I feel like that I am home!

They have the most lovely children, Jeb and Jaime…and I loved them from the moment that I met them!

As we were talking with our family…this morning, over some of Mary Jane’s, famous, coffee cake and Hardee’s biscuits…I reflected on how fortunate that we are to have been united with such wonderful and caring people!

IMG_3839 2When you become older, as I have, you realizes that miracles do not happen…every day.  But, a miracle happened to bring these, precious, people, into my life!

IMG_3838 2I think that I was a, rather, lonely child…once we moved to Eldorado, Illinois from our, seemingly idyllic, home in Sauk Village, a suburb of Chicago.

I often wished that I had a brother or a sister…and that I had someone to bounce ideas off of or to discuss the many concerns that I had, as a youngster…from a broken home.

Since 2012 I have known that I have 6 siblings….that I have communicated with…but only two that I have met….


Jonathon, introduced us to his, Story Cube, game.  This is a game with nine dice with pictures on each side of the individual die.  One person roles the dice and then each player in turn, draws a die and creates a portion of the story that the group, ties and subsequently, constructs…together!

Truly…the story of the Illinois Brooks and the Tennessee Brooks…is being constructed in expert fashion!

I can not wait to read the next chapter!

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‘We Are Better Than This!’

‘I’m sitting here listening to all this, and it’s very painful, very painful,’ he began addressing Cohen.  ‘As I sat and listened to both sides, I just felt as if…we are better than this.  We really are.  As a country, we are so much better than this.’


‘I don’t know why this is happening for you, but I hope a small part of this is for our country to be better,’ Cummings continued.  ‘If I hear you correctly, you are crying out for getting back to normal.  Sounds to me like you want to make sure our democracy stays intact.’

‘The one meeting I had with the president, I said, ‘The greatest gift we can give to our children is making sure we give them a democracy better than the one we came upon.’

‘Let me tell you the picture that really, really pained me.  You were leaving the prison, you were leaving the courthouse, and, I guess it’s your daughter, and braces or something on.  Man that thing, man that thing hurt me.  As a father of two daughters, it hurt me.  And I can imagine how it must feel for you – But I’m just saying to you – I want to first of all thank you.  I know that this has been hard.  I know that you’ve faced a lot.  I know that you are worried about your family.  But this is part of your destiny.  And hopefully this part of your destiny will lead to a better, to a better, to a better Michale Cohen, a better Donald Trump, a better United States, and a better world.  And I mean that from the depths of my heart.’


‘And I’m hoping all of us can get back to this democracy we want and we should be passing on to our children, so they can do better than we did,’ he said.  ‘When we are dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, ‘In 2019, what we did to make sure we kept our democracy intact?  Did we stand on the sidelines and say nothing?’

Democratic Congressman, Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, at the conclusion of Michael Cohen’s, public, testimony before the committee.    The Baltimore Sun

When, freshman, Democratic Representative, Rashida Tlaib commented that she felt that it was a ‘racist act’ to for Republican Congressman, Mark Meadows, to have as a ‘prop, an African American employee of president Trump who attest that she had never heard the president say a racist comment…Representative Meadows became, incensed, and, immediately, began requesting the Ms. Tlaib’s comments be, ‘taken down!’


Chairman Cummings began to arbitrate the emotional exchange and Congressman Meadows plea…he mentioned that he had grandchildren of color and that Chairman Cummings was one of his best friends!  The Chairman, vigorously, nodded his head in agreement!

I heard, today, that Representatives, Tlaib and Meadows, were seen hugging on the floor of the House of Representatives!


We can disagree without being disagreeable!

Hate and venom and spite and name calling and Gotcha Politics…will never span the Grand Canyon of differences of opinion and severe problems that our great nation has!

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I have many friends that are of a different political persuasion that I am…and I love and respect them and, honor, our differences of opinion!

We have a shared humanity that far surpasses our political or religious differences!

I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech.  I oppose the tyranny of those that are in power, rather a state government or a federal government…or a church or a university….

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Liberals as well as Conservatives…often are dogmatic and intrsnsigenient.

For instance, most people want a common sense immigration policy.  But, they do not want to see children separated from their parents.

We want our government to keep us safe…but we do not want to be made, more, fearful by…fictional enemies!

I have heard the pleas, on numerous occasions, that when immigration is allowed…the the country that the immigrants are being allowed to immigrate to…is in danger of loosing it’s culture?

Well, first of all, the culture of the United States of America is comprised of peoples and cultures from all over the world!

History has, clearly, illustrated that cultures evolve and morph and change…over time!

I think that we either believe that we are members of the human family…or we ascribe to the tribal and clan theory of separation and division and the placement of nations and peoples and customs on a scale of, those,  to be desired  ‘shithole countries!’

There is an, rightful, expectation that a country should be open to immigration and refugees….and the immigrants or refugees should endeavor to assimilate into the customs, of their new home,  that their faith will allow.

Many of the Jews in, Hitler’s Germany, identified with being German and retained their German identity in the countries that they, subsequently, immigrated to….or a survivors of the Holocaust.

Under our current political administration we proclaim and, rest, our philosophy on making America Great Again…and our, supreme, belief that we must care first for Americans!

Otto Warmbier…was an American…and Kim Jung-un…..fully understood…the condition that he returned Mr. Warmbier to the United States!

We can not have it both ways!




A Lifetime…Or One Long Day?

Mary Jane and I saw many old friends last evening.

Many of our friends we had not seen, more than once or twice, in over thirty years!

We were at the visitation for our dear friends daughter.  I can not think of anything that saddened me more, in some time, than the untimely passing of this lovely young lady…and the knowledge of the great chasm that would be left in the hearts of her mom and dad and her husband and, young, son!

As I visited with many of the people that were at the wake…I was transported back to my teenage years, and my twenties.  I had spent time in these, wonderful, people’s homes…and they in mine.  We had worked alongside each other…and prayed alongside each other.

I knew many of them, long before they were married and had families…and we were still in school and wondering what life had for us?

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Barbie and Herb both gave Mary Jane and I a hug…and I wept…as I could not hold back the tears of my sadness at their, profound, loss!

Robbin and Terry, both, came up to us and hugged us and made us feel both welcome and loved!  As we were talking…I thought of what precious people that they are!

There was Lori and Sherry and her mom, Kathy, and many more…that caused the years to roll backward…as they were so kind and sweet to us, both!

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There was my lifelong buddy, Steve, peeping around the corner…and I was sorry to learn that his sister had passed away…early this morning.

David D. and David B. and I remembered having dinner with David D. and his father and mother and brothers and sisters…and feeling like that I was one of the Dunmyer’s!

David B. is a natural comedian and he is also a minister.  As we spoke, I recalled the many laughs that we have enjoyed together.

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And, then, my old friend, David Brandon, who has been my buddy since we were both, much, younger!  I convinced him, many years ago, to take more naps!

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My life has been, seemingly, seamless…when it comes to friends and relationships.

If you were my friend on my first day of first grade, as I recall Janie B. and Debbie C., being so friendly to me and welcoming me…on what for me…was a trepidatious beginning, or if you were my friend in the first church that I attended…time has stood still for me…and you are always important to me and my friend!

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I have, often, wondered, if what we mark in; days, and weeks, and months, and years…and a life…is but one long day to to God?

People come into our lives…and for many reasons…do not stay…but they are an, indelible part, of our Life Story…and we are part of…theirs!

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Plunging For a Good Cause!

Jonathon and I attended the, Polar Plunge, which raises funds for the Special Olympics, at SIUC.

IMG_3742 2Having been an employee of the Physical Plant for over 32 years…I still have a great affinity for the organization that afforded me so many opportunities.

I think that the PSO Director, Brad Dillard, is the finest team leader that I have had the opportunity to know…and that, period of time is, now over 40 years!

IMG_3737 2This year is especially significant to me, as my friend, Elizabeth, who I, initially hired …many years ago….was, once again, participating in the event…even after undergoing, significant challenges, over the past year.

Elizabeth has an indomitable spirit!

IMG_3730 7 copy 2IMG_3733 6I thought that I would get a little closer to the, plunge action, this year and I saw a nice and close spot that was on the edge of the lake.

I noticed that there were several people taking photos on both my left and right…and so I, gingerly, stepped on the large stones…and began to take photos of what is a, perhaps, a minute event.  I could hear shouting in the background, and when  I looked around a lady, screamed at me to, move!

My apologies to the upset photographer…as it was clear to me that she could not tolerate a giant…even a, stooping one.

IMG_3729 8 copyNext year I will bring my camera with the zoom!

IMG_3732 7IMG_3733 6IMG_3734 6IMG_3735 6IMG_3737 2 copy

Peace In A Storm

To be human is to walk in the fog of uncertainty!

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No matter how rich or how poor that we are…nothing is promised…nothing is certain…and everything is temporary.

When we are enjoying a fine dinner, as we will be doing tomorrow night in commemoration of Mary Jane’s birthday, I often think that I want to; tie a bow around the experience or take a lot of photos…because challenges and sorrow and grief await us…down a road…that we do not know the length of or the rockiness of the terrain.

When we were both enjoying the height of our careers, my friend, Bill and I, agreed that the proper way to view a management position and success…was to hold both with a loose grasp!

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Life is a bit of a maelstrom…and when we refuse to accept this irrefutable fact of our existence…we become depressed and sorrowful for our losses and we believe that no one could be experiencing what we are.

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Life is so beautiful and breath taking!

The feel of you wife/husband’s hand in yours when you are married.  The mystery and excitement of beginning a life together!  The, conviction, that you are prepared for any challenge and are prepared to jump every hurdle.

Looking into your new baby”s eyes…and their looking back at you…with their eyes full of the excitement of…suddenly…being thrust into a world that they have no knowledge of!

baby in white onesie

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The, gradual, realization that God placed you with someone because you both need each other.

The realization that there is a reason that we are here!

The revelation…that this life is only the beginning…it is the, foyer,…and we have not, yet, entered the house that the Creator has for us!

‘For his anger endureth but a moment, in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.’    Psalm 30:5   KJV

Every now and then…once in awhile…we get a glimpse of the, majestic, beauty of life’s continuance…after death.

‘For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then, shall I know even as also I am known.’    I Corinthians 13:12   KJV

Our head spins from the rapidity of life!

First we are young and our days of childhood and being a teenager…seem to go on forever!

I have been a member of a church, somewhere, since I was twelve years old…and I was a member of the, young people, of the congregation.

My highest aspiration was to become a minister…of which I never did.

I thought that my thirties were great!  I was neither young nor old!

I wanted to be able to purchase a larger home for my family and for us to be financially secure.

I wanted my wife and my sons to be happy and to have no worries.

I, turned around, and I was in my forties…and my mom, who suffered with Alzheimers’ disease, lived with us, and Mary Jane quit her job with the university to take care of mom…and Aaron and Jonathon were in college and were  so good to help with grandma…

And, then, I opened my eyes…and Building Services was having a fiftieth birthday party for me…compete with black balloons and black icing on the cake!

grayscale photography of balloon beside chanel metal barrel

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Mom died in 2013…and I wept!

Illness has struck our family…on more than one occasion…and I wept…and I wept tears of joy when the diagnosis was able to be ameliorated with either medication or surgery.

When we loose loved ones…our hearts bleed…and there is no way to soften the grief…but we will see them again!

Believing The Unbelievable!

I was watching a film on Netflix, last night, that was covering a group of people called the, Flat Earth Society.  The documentary is, ‘Behind The Curve.’

The program discussed the rationale that enables people to seek, examples, that support their conspiracy theories.

atlas close up dark dirty

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We hear…what we want to hear!

One of the, primary, leaders of the Flat Earth Society believes that the Earth is a giant dome covered terrarium…and that the sun and moon and the stars and planets are a type of display on the dome.

blur cartography close up concept

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It is possible to become educated…and it is possible to be mis-educated!

One of the proofs that the Earth is flat, to a leader in the movement, was that he could see Seattle, Washington on the horizon, although his home was a significant distance from Seattle…and his contention that Seattle would be hidden by the curvature of the Earth…if the Earth was round?

woman holding plastic arrow while smiling

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Science is merely a means of thinking about a problem or question that requires a solution.

However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that each of us use our, own, thought patterns, and life experiences, and bias and prejudice…to come to a, plausible conclusion, as to what the facts, mean, that are available, to us,…are pointing to.

I have never believed the one shooter theory regarding the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy.


Now, I have read books regarding, alternate assassination theories…and I watched the movie, JFK, and I see every documentary that comes out regarding the subject.


When I see shows or read books that support the Warren Commission’s report or the single shooter theory…I am left cold!


When I watch, JFK, or read about the multiple shooter conspiracy theories or the theory that, vice president Lyndon Johnson something to do with the cutting down of our, young, leader…or the, hypothesis, the Mafia had the hit done…I am enthralled!


There are may similarities in our political divide… as to the immersion in alternate facts and realities…or ‘other truths!’

We have become a nation that has, deified, our political parties!

We have gone from the separation of church and state…to believing that the church is the state…and through the commingling of our secular government and our faith communities…we have become, engulfed, in a thick fog of truth that is the conclusion of our, obfuscation, of the plain christian doctrine that Christ preached,  and has been replaced with the, hybrid, belief system that has grown out of mixture of ‘iron and clay’ …as the feet of the statue in Daniel 2:41 43   KJV

We all seek answers that coalesce with our life experiences.

If our life has been, stable and secure and loving…we tend to accept widely accepted, scientific, truths.

If our life has been difficult and shaky and frightening…we tend to accept truths that verify our dismal and suffering experiences.

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There is a theory in Quantum Physics that states that all physical objects that we see and touch and encounter, on a daily basis, are but a group of molecules and atoms that our mind assigns meaning to?

Perhaps that is how we have so many…truths?

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