Nature’s Infinite Beauty

As I mentioned in my last post our recent visit to Hawaii afforded us, due to my brother-in-laws careful planning, a beach house directly on the beach.  I could not believe our good fortune when it was apparent that the Pacific ocean would serenade us for our entire visit.  Two elements of nature fascinate me and they are large bodies of water and the sun and how the sun interacts with the water.  I simply do not become weary of watching both.

There is something mesmerizing about the vastness, movement, and majestic splendor of the ocean.  During our week-long adventure we were able to visit many points on the island of Oahu with the three ocean picture settings of; the north shore, which is noted for it’s extremely large waves and rocky shore, Ewa beach, which provided me with a limitless number of digital photos, and finally Waikiki beach.  I remember my first camera which was a Big Swinger Polaroid camera that I received for Christmas when I was a boy and now marvel at the visual clarity and seemingly limitless photo taking opportunity of the current generation of digital cameras.  Photos are really a bit of magic in our all to fast-moving lives where we can for a moment stop time and remember where we have been.

DSCN1772 DSCN1774 DSCN1771 DSCN1780

The North Shore.

DSCN1743 DSCN1761


Ewa Beach


North Shore

DSCN2361 DSCN2362


Our Hawaiian cousins.


Our beach.

As 2014 draws to a close I hope that each of you enjoy good health and happiness.  Let us try to remember that the truly valuable things in our lives money did not buy.  Is God a capitalist…or would he like for us to learn a better way while we are sojourners on this beautiful Earth?

6 responses

  1. BJ, I thought about your love of the ocean yesterday as Joe & I sat in the movie theater watching “Unbroken”.

    After being stranded at sea more than a month and a half, I don’t imagine Louie Zamperini spent much time at the Los Angeles beaches when he got home!

    (But otherwise, I totally agree with you about the vastness and memerizing characteristics of our seas.) Lovely post!

    So glad to hear you and Mary Jane are doing well in the New Year! We are sitting by the fire here, having a few grins over Margo’s new book, and learning lots more about France!

  2. Thank you my friend for your kind comments. It means so much to me that others are reading my work and perhaps enjoying it in some part.

    Margo is so very talented. I told her when we visited with she and Jeff that her explanation of what we were seeing in Nice simply made our surroundings “alive” for us!

    Thanks for your support and I enjoy reading your work very much!

  3. There has to be a better way, doesn’t there? I hope someone finds it in 2015! Peace and joy to you 🙂

  4. I heartily agree! All the best in 2015 to you my friend.

  5. These photos are gorgeous. Brian Dennehy ruined the beach for me back in the 90’s when he starred in a commercial for Zantac that had him looking out into the beauty of the ocean and announcing, “Reminds me of a stomach. Churning with acid.”

    I kid, of course, but at the most random times I remember that weird commercial!

    1. Thank you so much! I often recall commercials also.😀

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