Belize and the Mayan Ruins

During our recent Western Caribbean cruise we were looking forward to our stop in Belize.  Belize from 1862 – 1973 was called British Honduras and it is the only country in Central America who’s official language is English.  Belize is known as the birthplace of chewing gum.  Belize is 180 miles long and 68 miles wide.

Our bus tour began in Belize City where our very kind guides pointed out the upscale homes and businesses including the home of the Governor-General who is Queen Elizabeth II’s representative as she is the Queen of Belize.  Our guides asked us to note the one police officer who’s job it was to guard the Governor-General and as we passed we saw him doing what appeared to be washing the GG’s automobile.  After touring the high rent district we toured the working district and observed very poor poverty stricken housing.

The Mayan Ruins were thirty miles from Belize City and as we got closer I noticed that we had stopped in the middle of the road for no apparent reason.  Sadly we were stuck in the mud.  After waiting about thirty minutes a accommodating Belizean that was located nearby brought his tractor and pulled us out.  While we waited one of our guides gave us some delicious banana chips to munch on and the time passed easily.

The Mayan Ruins were very interesting.

DSCN2617DSCN2618DSCN2619DSCN2615DSCN2622DSCN2629DSCN2630DSCN2631 DSCN2634DSCN2641DSCN2649DSCN2650

I could not help but admire the easy friendly manner that the people of Belize greeted us with.  Their appreciation for life and it’s infinite gifts was inspiring.!  Belikin Beer is manufactured in Belize and we were admonished to try some before we left.  I would say in the favorite term of the happy people of Belize it is “unbelizeable”!

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