The City of Light

Have you ever visited a city and it just stayed with you?  I do not mean that you think about it once in  a while…but rather every week…sometimes every day.

In 2012 we visited Paris with our dear friends.  I had read for many years of the beauty and majesty of the City of Lights…but when I finally saw it in person the words that I had read did not begin to adequately describe the surreal glow of history and the present brought together in such a peaceful atmosphere.  As we walked along the Seine and admired the cathedral of Notre Dame…watching the old and young alike seemingly with no greater purpose than to live life in peace and enjoyment of the camaraderie of our human experience.

It appeared to me that the elderly did not give up…as so often is the case in my country…but rather were walking with their canes and their beloved dogs…and were living life in all of its’ glory and pain…for as long as it lasted.

From the window of our apartment that we were staying in I marveled that I could still see the Eiffel Tower with its’ brilliant lights although we were several miles from it.  The Tower is huge!  It is a statement of the life and liberty of the French people.

Now, terrorist have committed an unimaginable crime of death and destruction.  I cannot fathom how people could be so dedicated to the destruction of human life and subsequently attest that it is in the name of a higher power.  It is easy for some to say…that it must be the Syrian refugees…when in fact they are fleeing just this type of horrendous carnage and destruction.  So often we seek simple “blanket explanations” to difficult issues that require serious investigation and deep reflection.

The Tricolor is now proudly displayed across the Earth in sorrow and solidarity with the French members of our family.  The strong beautiful people of Paris will not be defeated…the lights of Paris will be back!


14 responses

  1. Yes. Well said.

  2. It’s all so very sad 😦
    How could someone really cause such brutality on innocent people?
    I still haven’t been able to process what has happened 😦

    1. It is terribly sad. It is an act of terror that flys in the face of both religion and humanism!

      1. 😦
        I don’t even understand how can they feel good about themselves and feel pride in what they did..
        I pray everyday that there is someone watching over us and justice will be done.

  3. Lovely post!

    1. Thank you very much! You are to kind.😃

  4. Paris is famous around the world for its beauty and culture. Now it’s also known for something far sadder. It’s hard to fathom the motives of people who could act in such a callous way and mow down so many innocent people there.

    1. It is beyond all reason…the unthinkable has become part of our world.

      1. Yes, I’m afraid so. 😦

  5. BJBrooks … Thanks for this nice, simple post on what I hope to see someday in Paris. For all my years, I’ve known or read Paris to be a living, vibrant city of culture. That is what I hope to realize and you made me see a glimpse of that still. I kinda think we, society, came to this big halt as though we hit a brick wall. Then the internet and ISIS came like bullets, opening our eyes and hitting us at the same time. This truly calls for all to be united on the globe and keep criminality diminished. We should all live FREE and see the beauty. Thanks. Kim

    1. Thank you Kim for your kind words. Paris is truly intriguing!

  6. Impossible to understand, ever!

    1. I agree…beyond human comprehension.

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