Let it Spin

A great blog from my son Jonathon!


I now have a music corner in the basement of my home. This corner used to be a reading corner. But all has changed in this small area of my life! Oh, trust me, I haven’t given up my love of reading. I still make time for a good book daily. However, the table which used to hold up my books now holds up a new record player I received as a Christmas present.

And what a record player it is! It’s a Crosley Rochester five in one musical entertainment extravaganza! Tapes, CD’s, vinyl, radio and MP3 accessibility are all contained within this one glorious music maker.

Although over thirty years of not previously owning a record player means there’s the sad fact that I am lacking in many records owned. I now have four records. Tomorrow I get my fifth one. Here are the stories so far on my…

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