A True Love for Life

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I’m in love with life! Anyone who knows me knows this. Joy is my traveling companion. I always have this sweet-natured friend along for the ride. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not miserably endured!

Recently I was thinking about two things people love and need. One of them is the happiness of a life well lived. The other is money.

A complicated biblical idea is that the love of money is the root of all evil. The idea isn’t that money in itself is evil. I mean, honestly, we all need it to pay the bills, fix the cars, buy food, enjoy entertainment out and just to get through life overall.

But here’s the question: Does having boat loads of money make a person happy?

I don’t believe it does. It can get a person all sorts of entertainments and pleasures. Perhaps it can even attain pseudo friends…

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  1. I haven’t forgotten you, BJay 🙂 I’m off to the Algarve tomorrow but will try to do the quotes challenge when I’m back. Take good care!

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