Women who inspire in the 21st Century


International Women’s Day (IWD) takes place annually on the 8th of March to celebrate achievements of women across the globe. Many organisations take part in the movement, thus contributing towards the development of gender equality. There are also some great resources on the IWD website to guide individuals or organisations who want to get involved.

In recent years, however, I  have seen some negative backlash on social media calling it out for it’s “hypocrisy”, with some posts suggesting that the pure fact of having a single day dedicated to women went against the gender equality issue. There’s also been a lot of adverse reaction towards the label “feminist”. In one particular interview with actress Kaley Cuoco, where she stated she wasn’t a feminist. Unfortunately it’s misconstrued understandings like this that portray a negative light to a simple term. Quite simply in my opinion, a feminist, is someone who believes in gender…

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