My Favorite Type of Story

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I like stories where people surprise themselves. It’s a joy to see the kid who was at the bottom overcome and come out on top. When the lost sheep is found the shepherd rejoices as does the sheep. Prodigal daughters and sons come home to glorious celebrations. Bullies get knocked down and are declared out for the count. The bullied didn’t believe he had it in him. “Overcome” is a word I’m quite fond of.

Aren’t these the types of stories cherished by the young and young at heart? I love happy endings wholeheartedly! I sang enough sad songs growing up. However, as a man I refuse to wallow in the pity pit of despair. I aim to trash the science book of selling myself short. I no longer study it so into the garbage it goes!

Change is difficult. It’s no surprise that many settle or refuse to change…

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2 responses

  1. Such a wonderful, life-affirming approach to life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. yes..stories make reality beautiful..
    nice post

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