According to Merriam Webster Dictionary the definition of Nativism is: ” A policy of favoring native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants.  The revival or perpetuation of an indigenous culture especially in opposition to acculturation.”

Since the Brexit vote to leave the European Union by the United Kingdom there has been a marked increase in hate speech, xenophobia, and bigoted racist actions and remarks.  These have often been perpetuated upon British citizens who simply may have a different ethnic origin than Anglo-Saxon.  One of our fellow bloggers had such an awful thing happen to her, a British citizen, by an ignorant bigoted person just this week.

In the United States, since the Presidential Primaries began, an affinity for a political  point of view boldly expressed by Mr. Donald Trump has caused a resurgence of open racist incidents where bigoted myopic individuals have become emboldened by Mr. Trump’s fascist remarks.

At our own University an African American woman was harassed by fellow white student who identified as supporters of Donald Trump during two open forums at her dormitory.  Among epithets used during the meetings were the Trump supporters admonishment to the African American, “To go back to Africa!”

If our Nativist political leaders want to be true to their isolationist passion…then in America the Native Americans should have cast the rest of us out…long ago!

Great Britain became a world power by colonizing nations and their citizenry around the planet.

Immigration is the cornerstone of both the founding of but also the building of and success of the United States.  Virtually all of us came from somewhere else.  To castigate and threaten other human beings, many of whom are as much a citizen…or more, than the bigoted hateful person hurling the hurtful epitaphs… is the keynote of a coward.

When our hallowed English/American ancestors…our Founding Fathers… decided it was just and godly to put their fellow humans into servitude and take them from their indigenous home…and make them bond men and women…was that Nativism?

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  1. It is really sad to hear such bad remarks and even sadder that this is politically driven. It does no one any good. Thankfully in my lil red dot we are governed by good laws to ensure racial harmony and we have a good formula as we sit and eat and laugh and joke amongst our different races and build good friendships. I hope USA survives this election.

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