Unraveling, Part II–On the Occasion of Being a Failure as a Teacher

A profound post from my friend! Please read.


*TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains a link to a graphic image of a brutally murdered boy named Emmett Till. Because his mother asked that his body be buried in an open casket so that all could see what had been done to her child, I am honoring her wishes again and sharing his image. I will clearly indicate in the text the moment where this image appears. If you cannot look, do not click the link. I have looked at this image only a few times in my life, but I will never be able to forget what I’ve seen.*


Dear Lily June,

As a teacher, I would talk to my students about ethos. It’s a more complex concept than this, but essentially, it refers to the credibility of a speaker. Some voices have more connection to a topic at hand, and thus are more able to accurately convey an…

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2 responses

  1. Again, thank you, my friend, for sharing.

    1. You are most welcome. It is a great post!

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