Brock and Marcy

We have just returned from a lovely three week journey to the United Kingdom.  As usual I have so much that I want to write about I think that I will be writing until Christmas!  However I can’t  imagine anything that touched me more than a meeting at the conclusion of our trip the morning after we arrived back in the United States…than our meeting my long lost brother Brock and his lovely wife Marcy.

We met my youngest brother, who I had never seen, at the Radisson Hotel near the airport in Nashville, Tennessee.  What beautiful people!  You see the reason that I had never met them was due to my Mother and Father divorcing when I was five years old. We had lived in Chicago and I had been an only child.

Have your ever first met someone and felt like that you had known them all of your life?  The feeling of looking your brother in the eyes and seeing an element of yourself…is surreal.

Brock also uncannily resembles our Dad.

Both Marcy and Brock are hard working people.  Marcy works in the Health Care industry and Brock has held more than one responsible management positions with various companies.  They are the proud parents of two great children, a daughter and a son.

Meeting them gave me a feeling of Home and Place that I had not experienced as an only child.

They are coming to see us…and we are planning a hiking adventure at Giant City State Park!  We all are excited about this new chapter in our lives!




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    1. Thank you my friend. 😉

  1. What a wonderful thing to happen! So happy for you 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend! 🌞

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