Simple Joys

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I was born an optimist. There’s the old question of whether the glass is half full or half empty. Mine is always half full, or overflowing, or I’m on my way to refill the cup. It isn’t always easy to embrace optimism. This world bruises or breaks everyone in one way or another. The question then becomes: What do I do with this brokenness? What do we do whenever the glass has fallen from our grip and shattered on the floor?

A key to seeing the best, to practice the art of optimism, is to take joy in the small events and tiny miracles of everyday life. Some of us see life as one incredible moment after another while others grumble and complain about everything. I believe in the incredible moments, small miracles, stout glasses half full, overflowing joy, faith, hope and love. Without these I wouldn’t be myself. My…

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