York’s Houdini

York, England fascinated me and captivated my imagination!   “York is a walled city in northeast England that was founded by the Ancient Romans.  The city walls form a walkway on both sides of the River Ouse,” according the Wikipedia.

The Roman Emperor Constantine was named Emperor of Rome in the Principa or headquarters, which is now under the York Minster.

img_4279img_4264As we began our exploration of the medieval city of York…we decided to put first things first and thus visit a fudge shop where we purchased some inspiring confections.  After this we divided, in order to conquer, and pursued the ancient city.

img_4265dscn5206dscn5202Suddenly I happened upon a gentleman performing one of the famous magician Houdini’s favorite escape feats.

dscn5191dscn5192dscn5198dscn5200dscn5201Now if that is not enough for you…there was also a knife thrower!

dscn5224I neglected to mention that the knife thrower also juggled knives while he rode a ten foot tall unicycle.

dscn5233dscn5239All of this excitement happened before our lunch at the Gin House which was located on the third floor and had excellent food and libations.

York was such a mysterious and inviting city that I want to return.  The ghosts of history are everywhere you look.  Again…I will say that Time Travel is possible…as indeed you are transported to York’s medieval past with every step you take in this gracious place.


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  1. Little Monster Girl | Reply

    York is really nice! I was only there a day but I had a lot of fun shopping. I want to go back again.

    1. I agree. It is a great city and full of history! 😁

  2. I am finally heading there in February next year for a few days. It’s been on my bucket list for years. Really looking forward to it

    1. I am certain that you will enjoy it! 🌞

  3. I am going to York today, i live about 40min away, i looked at your blog as im interested how people that come from afar see the city compared to me.

    1. I hope to return to York in the future. I enjoyed visiting very much! 🌞

      1. I think its going to be lovely this Christmas, the Christmas Market grows every year. Its going to be a good one.

      2. Christmas is my favorite time! 🎄

  4. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy reading aconts like this.

    1. Sorry typo, meant accounts.

    2. My pleasure. Thanks for reading! 😉

      1. You’re welcome, am really enjoying your blog.

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