How Candidate Trump became President Elect Trump

Facebook reminded me that a year ago today I had written a blog that was critical of Republican Presidential Candidate Trump’s bigoted rhetoric, including his promise to build a wall.

Now half or more of our Country is shocked that he is the President Elect.  I am not.

I began my career at Southern Illinois University as a Building Service Worker I…which is a janitor.  I was assigned to the General Accounting building.  As a young man of twenty years old I felt that all the people who occupied the office that I was cleaning had important jobs that they had obtained through their higher education.

My predecessor in custodial had done an abysmal job.  I began by striving to produce a clean General Accounting building each night.

I asked the Associate Director of General Accounting, about two weeks into my tenure, if he was satisfied with my job performance, and explained that I understood that my work was not nearly as important as the rest of the building’s staff.  Associate Director Blaney told me that my work was as valuable as the work that he performed…or maybe more so and told me that without my preparing the cleanliness of the building each night the accountants coming in the next morning would not be able to perform their job duties effectively.

After many years of working within the Building Services department and rising through the ranks, I determined that I wanted to have more of a Global understanding of the University that had been so good to me.

The University was a microcosm of our Country.  There were definite classes…of which I was a member of the lowest…the Civil Service Employees.

Through my work associated with the Civil Service Council, which is the elected representative body for employee concerns and ideas for the University Administration, I became acquainted with University leaders; including Chancellors and Presidents.

It became abundantly clear to me that most of the Administration had little or no knowledge of the real concerns in the Civil Service Community.  It also became certain to me that when I was speaking with them and they were smiling and shaking their head in mock affirmation to my words…they were giving me the political correct body language for my ‘small…pedestrian requests.’

One Chancellor told me unequivocally that Faculty came first and then Administrative Professional Staff and finally…if there was anything left…Civil Service Staff.

I met and befriended two ‘breaths of fresh air’ in the Chancellor role during my thirty-two years of service.  Both of these individuals spoke to me with respect…they really listened…and moved affirmatively on some of my requests.  Dr. Jo Ann Argersinger and Dr.Don Beggs sought my counsel…and on University Wide issues.

Believe me when a leader listens to you and respects you and seeks your counsel…you become loyal to that leader.

It is disingenuous and wrong to equivocate the supporters of President Elect Trump as all bigots and misogynist and haters of those who are not like them.

As the adroit Dan Rather put it on a news program this morning, often the States in the middle of the East coast and the West coast are considered ‘fly over’ in political importance to the Presidential Candidates.

So, it is noted that Businessman Trump customarily walked the construction site of his buildings and stopped to talk with the workers and sought their ideas and valued their counsel…and showed them the respect of their knowledge of their craft.

President Elect Trump made that same connection with millions of hard working…intelligent…and exhausted people…who are often working two or three jobs to put something on the table and pay their bills.

I began my career as someone who was thought of as a ‘job description’ and not a person.  I set about and actively sought to understand the Academic Community and to break through the ‘wall of academic elite’ to benefit my group.

It is vital that all people of good will seek to not hate and define each other by a simplistic group name…but rather with the respect of their intelligence…their humanity…and our shared struggle for fairness and equality of human rights.




24 responses

  1. Great points here. I think you are spot on.

    1. Thank you my friend. 🌞

      1. Thank you. Really. These are the kind of posts that will lead to unity and healing. This was a gift today 😉

  2. Brilliant post. You have captured something important here.

    1. Thank you so much. 😊

    2. I think communication is the key to understanding.

  3. I do understand what you are saying, and I do hope that Mr. Trump will be guided by fairness, compassion, and not the divisiveness that he spewed during the campaign.

    1. The unprecedented divisiveness of the campaign has caused fear in several groups that he spoke against. This evening he named Reince Priebus as his chief of staff. Mr. Priebus is respected and considered an unbiased and fair person. While in the same announcement Trump named Steve Bannon as his chief political strategist. Mr. Bannon is on leave as the head of Brietbart News and is on record, both written and oral, with anti-Semitic statements and views.
      I am, however, convinced that President Elect Trump is with us due to the neglect of politicians truly hearing, and addressing, the concerns of much of the working middle class. As Dan Rather, at one time, ended his CBS News Show…”Courage”…is the watch word.

  4. Fully agree. Nothing beats walking the talk and talking the talk. Many are removed from realities. I sincerely hope that once the dust settles, Trump may indeed make America better economically and stregthen global ties. If America prospers so will the world.

    1. Those Global ties are so very important! 🌞

      1. Indeed they are. Thank you for an insightful post as always!

      2. You are most welcome. 🌞

  5. Nice post! I like how you give credence to your job and title. My religious sister once told me, “according to your job whatever it is, do it well.” That used to make me feel better when I was a nurse listening to doctors issuing orders and some not so nice et all. I would think if I was the doctor I’d approach that nurse and patient differently.

    How on earth does a sick person deserve that treatment? Doctors are human too. I feel like capitalism is great but it gets in the way for some people. In that respect maybe he can change and get rid of the bad parts cause he’s worked the bad parts himself in business.

    Maybe he sees what I see if I had a chance to go back and deliver healthcare without all the money or unnecessary procedures people are put through making someone else rich. It has bothered me to no end why they don’t ask and use nurses to help build the healthcare plan? Who do they ask? They ask those that benefit monetarily the most: doctors, insurance, hospital administrators and CEO’s. Most of which are men BTW. Hey, I’ve been wanting to speak my opinion for a long time and no one asks. Sorry for the long comment. I’ve seen too much in my life.

    1. Bravo! Great comments! I fully agree and appreciate your comments and questions regarding why nurses were not asked to help build the healthcare plan.
      My former Employer is experiencing severe enrollment decline and yet does not engage the Civil Service Community for their ideas or their help. The Civil Service staff is the largest employee group on Campus.

      1. Thank you. You made me feel special.

  6. I love this post so much. I think you are so right on about everything! Leadership especially. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! You are to kind. 🌞

  7. Well said, Jay, well said!

    1. Thank you my friend. 😁

  8. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts, Jay. As I was reading I envisioned a book of wisdom laced with common sense and kindness from the perspective of American living in a ‘fly over’ state, working in an ignored profession. Perhaps now is the time for such a book. If you get around to writing it let me know, I want a copy. Best wishes. Brick

    1. Thank you my friend. I appreciate your kind comments…perhaps I will write such a book. Happy Holidays!

  9. I am not at all sure what the people of America think of president-Elect Trump, Personally, I think the world will be a safer place without his kind. However, I appreciate I came from a different generation. I was working class, a proud tradesman. Tradesman would have had an assistant (labourer) working alongside them. A good labourer was worth his weight in gold, always one step ahead of his tradesman, preparing for the task ahead, cleaning up behind. There was little definition in wages after all the labourer had to pay the rent and buy his bread in the same shop as the tradesman, changed days indeed. We have lost that pride in our work that was once there. I remember Mohammed Ali being interviewed on the television, he was asked: “If you had not become a successful boxer what would you have been?” He said something very profound that reflects an ideology I remember in the workplace.“No matter what I did I would be the best if I was a garbage collector I would tip more bins than anyone else”.I don’t think he meant it purely, in a competitive scene, I think it was all about taking a pride in your work however lowly that work was. Before the covic19hit us I would go along to the ‘Men’s Shed’ a lot of old codger like myself, we would make things, mostly out of recycled materials. I hadn’t been there long when a lad hitched on to me. I found out we had been in the same industry, only he was a labourer. That old skill was still with him, he was always one jump ahead of me almost putting the right tool in my hand as it was needed.  Thinking back at that time, I don’t believe my mum felt like a second-class person simply because she was a, stay at home mum, her task was to look after and serve her family, what greater job of work can an

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