It’s Christmas Again

img_5194This past Friday, Black Friday, we made are customary journey to St. Charles, Missouri to enjoy the Christmas festivities of this historic Missouri Town.

St. Charles is not only decorated with the finest and most ornate holiday regalia but it also features Santa’s from around the world and Charles Dickens Characters right out of his Christmas Classic, ‘A Christmas Carol.’


img_5024Shortly after we arrived we visited Fraser Leonard’s Fine Art Gallery.  Mary Jane saw a Copper Winter Tree that she admired and I noticed the ‘Trump Tie’.  Then it was on to lunch at Bradenton’s Cafe.  They have the most wonderful Reuben sandwich.  Usually I  partake of the Grand Mariner as the bartender gives generous proportions of the orange flavored delicacy…and it is a holiday tradition.  However our server explained to us that there was a draft beer made by the Schmaltz Brewing Company called Jubilation.  Our waiter warned us that Jubilation contained 17% alcohol.  A better beer I have not had!

As we enjoyed our Reuben sandwiches and luxuriated in the Jubilation…we decided that we must return to look at the Copper Winter Tree.

Upon our return to Fraser Leonard’s Gallery…I suddenly noticed the profound message that the ‘Trump Tie’ spoke to me.  I have been fascinated by the Presidential Candidacy and now the President Elect Trump’s success in the overwhelming belief that he would fail.

The ‘Trump Tie’ is an over three feet long steel tie that is painted fire engine red.  It is a ‘power tie.’


I had one of the most enjoyable discussions with some of my beloved family members over Thanksgiving.  They voted for President Elect Trump…I did not.  However, many of the issues they brought up…I agreed with.  They hope of a better economy for the middle class…so do I.  They hope for an insurance program that will serve all Americans…so do I.

Does the ‘Trump Tie’ signify the fears that I have had of the hurtful rhetoric that Candidate Trump regularly uttered on the Campaign Trail…or does it signify positive change?  I have a definite opinion…read my Blog…but I hope for positive change.


img_5150img_5146img_5134IMG_5115.JPGimg_5046img_5080img_5084‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.’   Luke 2:14  KJV

IMG_5158.JPGimg_5101img_4958img_5092img_5105As Tiny Tim said in A Christmas Carol, ‘God Bless us Every One!’

4 responses

  1. Great pictures! It brought back nice memories of St Charles at Christmas time. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks Margo. It is a great place to visit during Christmas time. Our visit is always a highlight of the season. Happy Holidays to you! 🎄

  2. What fun! Wishing you much joy this Christmas, Bjay 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend. Merry Christmas to you! 🎄🎅🏻

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