They’re Back

Yesterday was Inauguration day for the 45th President of the United States.  I watched the events on television as many Americans did across our country.  I watched with as much of an open mind that I could muster…and I saw some instances of hope…I thought.

I noticed, once again, that President Trump’s family is lovely.  The recognition and appreciation of President Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s attendance at his Inaugural and his giving them a standing ovation was heartfelt and classy thing to do.

President Trump’s obvious affection for his ten year old son Barron and Barron’s wonder and enjoyment of the Inaugural Parade was humanizing of our new President and gave me hope.

Today…his first day…he chose to delegitimize the media and accuse them of publicizing falsehoods regarding his opinion of the Intelligence Community.  He did this in front of the CIA’s Memorial Wall of their 117 fallen comrades, which is sacred place at CIA headquarters, and then he continued to speak for nine of his fifteen minute address regarding the size of the crowd at his Inauguration.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer accused the media today of, ‘deliberately false reporting,’ on yesterday’s size of the Inauguration crowd, according to the blaze.

A photograph of the Washington Mall during President Trump’s Inauguration placed side by side with President Obama’s Inauguration reveals an objective difference between the size of the crowd on the Mall.  President Trump’s Inauguration crowd is noticeably smaller.

I could not help but notice the very non-judgmental reporting by CNN yesterday during the festivities.  The reporters had little if anything negative to say but rather focused on the pomp and circumstance of the majesty of the Inauguration.  I do not recall anyone talking about crowd size…they did talk about how beautiful our American tradition of the Transfer of Power was.

Facts do matter.  We have to agree that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  It is settled fact that our Earth is round.  As the saying goes, ‘are you going to believe me or you’r lying eyes?’

Today women across the globe were motivated to protest due to the election of President Trump.  This world wide coordinated protest is factual…and extremely unusual the day after the Inauguration of a United States President.

Women have been a powerful influence thought my life.  My father left my mother and I when I was five years old.  My Mom was devastated…but she picked herself up off the floor and enrolled in Photography School…to learn a trade…to feed her son and put clothes on his little back.

My lovely wife, Mary Jane, took care of my Mom, after my stepfather died, while at the same time retuning to University and obtaining her Master’s degree…at the age of forty.  Mom suffered from Alzheimer disease.

I saw the first female Chancellor of Southern Illinois University fired on trumped up charges with less than a year of service.  That short year was like a breath of fresh air for faculty…staff…and students.  We finally knew that we had a University Leader who cared about us.

Women are over half of our population.  They are vital to every human endeavor.

In the 1986 movie Poltergeist the little girl played by the actress Heather O’Roarke stated, ‘They’re back,’ in reference to the evil spirits that had invaded their home.

We must have a free press.  That does not mean that you have to like them…or agree with them…or always believe them.  We must not accept when a leader, Democrat or Republican, tells us something that is diametrically opposite from what our eyes and ears and brain know is true.

If we do this…then we are under the influence of an Alternate Reality that is dangerous…and by aquiesence can control our freedom and our truth.




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  1. Deborah the Closet Monster | Reply

    I love this post … and don’t acquiesce!

    1. Thank you my friend. We must stay strong! 🌞

  2. Great post! I, too, looked for the silver lining in it all. I was disappointed by his focus (the media and comparisons) and saddened by his words: “I will never ever let you down.” What about working together to heal the hearts of the American people and working to make our country better than it was yesterday? I’m hopeful that tomorrow will bring clearer thinking. :/

    1. Thank you so much. I too am hopeful for healing and unity.

  3. The emperor sadly has no soul~

    1. It is sad and dangerous. 😢

  4. Well said – so, every day is a tough day now. Stand strong and together.

    1. You are so right my friend. 🌞

  5. Heartfelt and well written 😊

    1. Thank you my friend. 😁

  6. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    We’ll start this post off with today’s, this week’s, this year’s, this next four year’s topic of choice. I thought this was a well thought out write. -OM
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    1. Many thanks for the re blog.

      1. Not a big deal! Thanks for dropping by as well! 🙂

  7. TheOriginalPhoenix | Reply

    Excellent points

    1. Thank you my friend. 🌞

      1. TheOriginalPhoenix

        You’re welcome!

  8. I get the impression that Trump doesn’t like Freedom of the Press too much.

    1. I believe you are correct. 😉

      1. Me correct? That calls for a celebration, thank you.

  9. I feel the same way you do. It’s encouraging to read other posts that express the very surreal nature of the past 10 days, the way we are all being mindf**ked with. I’m glad I’m not alone in having these feelings. I thought I was going nuts. Trump’s behavior has been appalling, and that’s being charitable. Thank you for this post.

    1. It is somewhat like the old television show’The Twilight Zone’. My pleasure and thank you for reading. 😁

    2. Oh, you’re not alone. Just watch “The Daily Show” and you’ll hear the same concerns. 😀

      1. I love The Daily Show!

  10. Good post. Most of the inauguration I watched was on our local FOX, They were not kind and when I switched stations I noticed the same as you that CNN did a very good non judgmental presentation. I want to be positive and optimistic, but …
    we have to wait and see while at the same time prepared to take our stand if need be.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you my friend for your kind words. 🌞

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