A Southern Illinois Icon’s New Role

I was privileged to attend a meeting of my church, First Presbyterian, this evening and hear my friend, Dr. Glenn Poshard, speak of his new adventure.

Dr. Poshard has recently been named the President of Morthland College.  Morthland is a Christian College and is located in West Frankfort, Illinois.


Two intriguing things that Dr. Poshard told us was that about 45% of the student body, of 110, is African American.  He spoke glowingly of how these students are welcomed and accepted in the almost totally white southern Illinois town of West Frankfort located in rural Franklin County.

He noted all of the students at Morthland dedication to public service in the community.

Also, my friend, spoke of his vision to create a ‘Christian Political Institute.’  This institute would focus on a carer long vision of his to combine being a politician with christian values.  This is a goal that he began when he first became a member of the United States House of Representatives.  During this time fellow House members and others met in his Congressional Office one morning a week to discuss how their vision of Christian Politicians could be implemented.

I first met Dr. Poshard when he was competing for the Southern Illinois University’s administrative position of Vice Chancellor of Administration.  He secured the job and held it for a few years before retiring.


Not long after Glenn’s retirement he was appointed to SIU’s Board of Trustees and shortly thereafter he became the Chair of the august group.

Dr. Poshard finished his carer at SIU as the President of the University for eight years.

To hear President Poshard’s excitement and vision for Morthland College was inspiring.  Hearing the academic requirements for Morthland, such as several credit hours of both Greek and Latin, was not only impressive but hearkens back to the beginning of the Ivy League Schools on the East coast.


Dr. Poshard noted that the primary requirement of a successful leader…is humility.

Dr. Glenn Poshard, my friend for many years, is donating his service to this new and vibrant Christian College.




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