Spring Study

As I was taking my daily walk on the Campus of Southern Illinois University, I could not help but notice the relaxed, playful, lightheartedness of the students that I encountered.

IMG_1753The spring weather is simply perfect for outdoor study and other pursuits.

IMG_1757 3Such as a shaving cream pie in that face!

The scenes of students studying outside on Old Campus…reminded me of the many SIU Yearbook pictures that I had seen of students doing the exact same thing 40 and 50 and more, years ago.

IMG_1751For the past two years, especially, we have been consumed with worry regarding our unique and beautiful University.  SIU is a beacon of hope and opportunity and promise around the world…and in the homes and hearts of the rural residents of Southern Illinois.

IMG_1756 2The hope and promise that enriched my life as a twenty year old Southern Illinoisan, who was born in Chicago, when I was hired as a Building Service Worker I…in 1978, is still available.  Many of the student workers that I supervised, on my custodial crew in 1980,…were older than me.  Yet SIU first reached me with employment opportunity and later with educational opportunity; and an enlightening of my understanding of the vastness and diversity of humanity…in all of its’ beauty and splendor.

IMG_1664The hope of our wonderful students…our youth…gives me hope!  Everything is possible…if you only believe!

Senator Dale Fowler is coming for meetings at the University.  The Senator and I are proud graduates of Eldorado High School…class of 1975!  He is a great chap with a good heart!

I cannot believe…and will not accept that our legislative leaders and our Governor will turn their back on Higher Education.  This is our hope for the future.  This is our lighthouse…shining brightly in the inky darkness of prejudice and fear and the despair of no hope for advancement from the station in life that we are born into.

IMG_0210 4The young instinctively know that ‘the world is their oyster,’ as the old saying clearly portrays.  They understand that opportunity is there for them if they will apply themselves and study and set out on the great adventure that is…life!


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  1. I can see you are dedicated to your university, as you should be, it was good to you! I feel the same way about the university where I am faculty. I get to teach rec and park students 35 years of my experience (been teaching for 7 years as a part-time lecturer). This became my retirement job after I retired from the City of Sacramento at age 55 with 32 years of work. My hubby still works in facility maintenance and loves his job! Your photos are lovely and I believe universities are the bedrock of our society!

    1. We agree and are kindred spirits! 👍😉

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