Calmer Heads Must Prevail.

When I was a child I often heard my elders speak of ‘Calmer Heads Prevailing.’  I know now more than ever what that phrase means.  IMG_1122

In our national government we are seeing Brinksmanship with our policy toward North Korea…like we have not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Bellicose words and chilling statements regarding nuclear war…seem in the glory days mode of General George Patton and movie star John Wayne…until they are taken literally.


Gunshots have just been fired in Paris on the Champs-Elysees.

In Illinois, our republican Governor and our democratic Speaker of the House and Senate President cannot agree on a state budget for the past two years.  Our wonderful State University, SIU, is preparing to lay-off hundreds of people and possibly outsource entire departments.


The people affected are hard working carer employees that love their University.  Many work countless hours without pay and seek nothing but the best for the University that they love.

These are not jobs that people are getting rich from.  Also, they have not received a pay raise in several years.

If they are fortunate enough to retain their position they can count on their health insurance rising…perhaps 100% or more.  Remember, many of these dedicated staff make little more than minimum wage…many qualify for Food Stamps!


Yet these dedicated…hardscrabble individuals only ask that their elected government Senators and Representatives and Governor…allow them to keep working…often at poverty level income…so that they may provide for their families…and support their church and charity organizations.

FullSizeRender 2

Yes, you heard me correctly…ask a waitress who gives the best tips…they will tell you that people who have known suffering…and often have little extra to give….

IMG_1753 6

So, Governor…we can show you poverty…come to Southern Illinois…and imagine what it will look like without its’ Economic Engine and its’ Beacon of Higher Education…in the midst of a forgotten people.


3 responses

  1. You are so right about those with less giving more. I have seen it many times. It’s too bad. In a so called land of plenty, so many have so little.

    1. It is a terrible indictment on our society. 😞

      1. It is. It is very depressing and disheartening.

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