Beautiful France

Once Mary Jane and I retired we set out to do something that was a long time dream of ours…travel to Europe.  In fact we embarked on a ‘Retirement Mediterranean Cruise’ in the spring of 2011…or six years ago.

We were so excited to have the opportunity to have a short visit with our friend of many years, Margo, in Nice, France.  During our shore excursion in France, we first stopped in the mountain commune of Eze.

Eze is 1,401 feet above sea level and is also know as the eagles’ nest due to its’ extraordinary view of the Mediterranean.

According to Wikipedia, Walt Disney spent a significant amount of time in Eze.

maxresdefault-1From Eze we soon arrived in Nice for lunch with our friend, Margo.  I immediately was fascinated with the architecture of the old city.  At lunch I ordered a dish that was  a Nice cuisine or Nicois.  After a lovely lunch…where I took note that many at the restaurant had their dogs with them, setting calmly at their feet or under the tables.  I also noticed the very relaxed and non hurried atmosphere of the French.

We were in glorious France just long enough to wet our appetite for more.  In 2012 we traveled with our dear friends again to Paris for three days and nights that captivated my imagination.


The French people are friendly and welcoming.  Those that I had the pleasure of encountering were mild mannered and quieter than Americans.  They are a people that value manners and decorum.  When you enter a shop or cafe…they expect to be greeted…and once engaged…they are very pleasant.

From our ‘appartement’ or ‘chambre’ in the 15th ‘Arrondissement’ we could see the Eiffel Tower, brilliantly lit at night.

The ‘Musse d’Orsay’ was simply a fabulous museum with the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh Paintings that I had ever seen.  It is housed in an old railway station.

As we walked along the Seine and looked across at the Cathedral of Notre Dame…I reflected that if there was a more lovely place on Earth…I would like to see it.





6 responses

  1. This part of France is certainly a beautiful spot.

    1. Breathtaking and stunning! 😀

  2. Such nice pictures, I’ve always wanted to go there. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you my friend. It was my pleasure.

      1. Since going through your site, I have enjoyed all the photos of places you have been. I plan on reading your entire blog, but it’s going to take awhile.

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