Campus Lake Renewed

Today, I took in the splendor of Southern Illinois University’s ‘Renewed Campus Lake.’  You may recall that for several months the Lake has been dry, overall, due to removing the water to facilitate the removal of toxic algae.  The torrential rain that Southern Illinois received last weekend has re-filled the scenic body of water and even to overflowing its’ banks.

IMG_2137 2IMG_2138SIU is not only distinct in its’ outstanding Academic Disciplines that it offers, but it is located on one of the most beautiful, natural, physical locations, in the United States.

IMG_2141 5IMG_2174As I walked around Campus today…I was again heartened to see so many Tours being conducted by our wonderful students.  The wide eyed wonderment of not only the prospective students but also their parents always give me a thrill!

IMG_2146 2SIU is truly indescribable in its’ beauty and its’ unique history…and its’ vision for opportunity, for all!

IMG_2151 2Soon, we will choose our new Chancellor…let us pick a person who has a love for the particularly remarkable University that SIU is and the one of its’ kind location that it is planted in.

IMG_1824IMG_2155 3

5 responses

  1. Love the way the lake has been restored to its splendour. SIU is indeed “green” and tranquil. Nothing beats having a river or a lake near by. At my alma mater University of Oregon, we had the Willamette River. It was beautiful too as it coursed through the town gracing us with a nice feel. SIU is lucky to having it really near.

    1. Yes, a Body of Water is a peaceful, renewing, presence. We visited Portland, Oregon in the 1990’s, and enjoyed it very much.

  2. Wow, looks stunning!

    1. Thank you. It is a lovely lake.

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