Mother’s Day

Yesterday Aaron, Jonathon, and I celebrated Mother’s Day with their sweet Mother, Mary Jane.

Mary Jane is truly an outstanding Mom!  Her love for her children and her unfailing concern for them is something that I have admired throughout their lives.

IMG_2350 2She is indeed responsible for raising two outstanding gentlemen.  Both Aaron and Jonathon are well mannered, well educated, and well rounded as human beings.  Their Mom was instrumental in this development.

When I first met Mary Jane she and I were attending the same church, and she was the teacher in the church school.  I watched her as she so patiently and faithfully taught the children that were enrolled in the school.

Later, after our marriage, Mary Jane decided that she would Home School Aaron and Jonathon in order for me to have quality time with them.  You see, I had just been promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Building Services at Southern Illinois University…and it was an evening and night appointment.  We understood that I would have the later hour work duties…possibly for the remainder of my career.

Mary Jane’s diligence and careful, thorough, academic instruction of our sons…was beautiful to behold.  They have grown up to be perhaps the first of my family tree to hold University degrees.

IMG_2366 3My Mother was a lovely person.  If she had two dollars…and you were in need…she would give you one of them.

She and my father divorced when I was five years old.  She was devastated.  However, she pulled herself up off the floor and began taking adult education classes to be a photographer.  I am sure this must be where I get my love for photography!

Mom was one of the most compassionate people that I ever knew.  She had empathy for anyone that was suffering.  The times that she has helped someone financially, in secret, are innumerable.

She and my father were married right after the WWII.  They had migrated from Southern Illinois to Chicago…for work.  For a time we lived the life of ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ idyllic bliss.  She was a strong woman…that refused to be defeated.  Much of my personality and outlook on my fellow man…came from my Mom.

I am fascinated by what women can accomplish!  I believe that there is nothing that a strong woman cannot accomplish…and often better than a man!

I have recently become close with my brother, Brock, and his lovely family.  I now realize that wonderful blessings came from my Dad’s life after me and Mom.

Also, my sister Billie and I have visited and are planning on doing so again, next month.  She is a wonderful person.

I also have other brothers and sisters that I hope to meet and get to know in the future.  We have spoken on the phone…and texted…and messaged…and they have a place in my heart.

IMG_2351IMG_11139839B890-1920-47AC-98FD-4CD1CB56CCC7 2img_4707

7 responses

  1. What a wonderful tribute. 😘

    1. Thank you my friend. 🤠

  2. A beautiful tribute indeed! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! 😊

      1. My pleasure my friend. Mums are treasures 🙂

  3. I hope everyone had a great mother’s day.

    1. It was very nice. Thank you my friend.

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