The Peacefull Simplicity of the Long Playing Album

When I was a lad I received a record player for my birthday.  This lovely gift called for my joining Columbia Record Club, where I purchased an LP each month.  One of the first was ‘Sonny and Cher – Good times.’


I spent many hours listening to all types of music, including, Andy Williams, Hermans Hermits, and Frank Sinatra.  My record player and my reel to reel tape recorder gave me immeasurable pleasure and a steady diet of my musical interests.

In the 1980s I took a Classical Music Appreciation Course at SIU.  Prior to that time, I had little appreciation for classical music…after the Course…I could listen to it for hours on end.

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Somewhere in the 90’s I discovered Jazz.  Mary Jane and I visited Portland, Oregon during these years…and there was Jazz on the radio and live shows all over town.

We attended a Jazz Aficionado live show…which was almost all Scat singing.  For those of you that are not familiar with Scat…it is the singer’s improvisation of vocalizing what the music sounds like to them.  Most of the audience members were so into the Jazz Riffs…that they were in Nirvana…they had their eyes shut…and their heads bobbing with the time of the music…and their fingers snapping to the rhythm.

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We attended a famous Jazz Band’s performance at Biddle’s Jazz and Ribs in Montreal, Canada.  This was fantastic music!  A member of the ensemble came to set with Mary Jane and I and visit during their breaks.  We absorbed a lot of inside information.

Jonathon and Aaron purchased me an early birthday gift.  A portable record player with a Guardians of the Galaxy II theme.  We saw the movie on Saturday and I received the record player on Sunday.  I already had purchased two, gently used, LP’s.  One being a set of four records encompassing all of Beethoven’s Symphonies and the other being Judy Garland Live.

The record player has a great sound coming out of two small speakers…and I am transformed to my youth.

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Life is really about perspective.  It morphs and alters much like a Kaleidoscope reveals a multitude of colors according to how the light is refracted through it.


Music reveals life to us aurally.  The diverse forms and shapes and tones that it presents to us…alters our emotions…our views of our surroundings and our lives.

IMG_0046 2


2 responses

  1. Vinyls are a vintage collection now and I was told it produces great sound quality. I regret tossing out my vinly LP records during primary school. They ought to be worth a good tune or too. Love the post you wrote and there was a sense of tranquility…it gave me that when I read it at work. Only now, am free to comment😊

    1. I know what you mean about no longer having your vinyl LPs from your school days. I am sorry that mine are gone, as well. I appreciate your kind comments regarding the post. 😊

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