Light in the Midst of Darkness

‘Stephen Jones, a homeless man who was outside the Manchester Arena when Monday’s deadly attack took place, is being hailed as a hero after he helped the wounded as they fled the scene,’ according to CNN.


‘We are human, we still have a heart, we still have the instinct to help people out that need help and that’s what we are doing.  And obviously when we are seeing children like that, with blood and , pulling nails out of their arms and stuff, and there were a couple in a girl’s face,’ Jones said.


So, we see the magnificent triumph of the human spirit in Mr. Jones as he rushed to the aid of the suffering children coming out of the Manchester Stadium.


I have heard it said that many of the young people that turn to terrorism come from poor living conditions…and disenfranchised lives.  Also, that many perpetrators of terrorist acts…are not overtly religious until shortly before they commit to the heinous deed.

Homelessness…want…pain…suffering…having the door of opportunity slammed in your face…affects different people in different ways.


If we do not begin to exam the root of what causes people who were not especially religious…to adopt a deadly cause of killing the innocent…and consequently call it religion, we will never begin to solve this increasingly deadly plague on our world.

To blame the Cancer of Terrorism on the ancient religion of Islam is ignorance.

To begin to exam our Society’s Structures…where some are treated well,  while others are shunted aside and forgotten…would be a worthy beginning for unraveling the problem.

How often do we walk around the homeless, or avert our eyes, and assure ourselves that their must be a good reason why the person is in the shape that they are in.

We praise the CEO and place the mantel of wisdom on the Billionaire.  Certainly they must be wise and benevolent and good…after all they are a Billionaire!

We elected a Billionaire a few months ago in the United States.  The people that elected him are often some of the poorer in our Country.  The President, when he was campaigning, promised that he would help his supporters and lift them up and give them jobs.

The President’s Budget, ‘cuts deeply into medicaid and anti-poverty efforts,’ according to the New York Times.

Mary Jane and I deliver Meals On Wheels each month.  The Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, responded to a question by a reporter as to why Meals On Wheels is being cut, ‘that it had not delivered the results that it was supposed to.’


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