Dominic Pangborn, Artist Extraordinaire!

This past weekend Mary Jane and I were privileged to meet Mr. Dominic Pangborn at an Art show, that was presented by Park West Gallery.

IMG_2554 3

I had heard of Mr. Pangborn’s artistic abilities for many years and had seen his works on more than one cruise that we had taken, but,’ to meet him is to love him,’ as Mary Jane told me Saturday.

Mr. Pangborn was born during the Korean War.  He spoke of the devastation left in the aftermath of the conflict.  As I was listening to him speak on Saturday evening, I noticed his humility in describing where he had come from, and the success that he had achieved.

Mr. Pangborn recounted his life, as a child in Korea after the war, where there was no paper to write or draw upon…and indeed not paper for rest room functions.  He spoke about how he learned to live in the woods and gather food and leaves for his bodily needs.

The Artist spoke regarding his mother asking him if he would like to go to America and his ready response that he would…but then she told him that he would have to go alone.

When Mr. Pangborn arrived he found that he had been adopted by a family that already had ten children…and yet it was much nicer than what he had left in Korea.

This Artist is inspirational…like no other that I have ever met!

Mr. Pangborn’s refusal to take no for an answer and his perseverance to become a renowned graphics artist, including a creator of purses and shoes and ties, and a plethora of other commercial enterprises…is mega-positive inspiration.

Mr. Pangborn’s Art is beautiful and compelling.  He spoke of his dedication to his church and his support for various charities and his paying for three of his Korean siblings to be educated….And he inspired me…an almost sixty year old…who does not inspire easily!

The paintings of the poppies represent Mr. Pangborn’s grandfather simply showing him one poppy that had bloomed in his yard one morning.  Dominic knew that this poppy was extremely important to his grandfather, who he loved very much, and he thus has made the poppy a recurring theme in his works of art.

I do not recall meeting a person who has moved me more than Dominic Pangborn!


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  1. What a inspiration for us all! Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure, my friend! 😁

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