‘The Wind in the Willows’…or Life Among Real Friends

The ‘Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame, is a story that has continually fascinated me.  The characters are all animals, Mr. Toad, Badger, Ratty, and Mole.


Badger, Ratty, Mole and Mr. Toad spend much of their time, ‘simply messing about in boats,’ along the Thames and living in the Thames Valley.  Their anthropomorphized, or very human adventures, are mesmerizing.

‘One summer day, Rat and Mole disembark near the grand Toad Hall and pay a visit to Toad.  Toad is rich, jovial, friendly and kind-hearted, but aimless and conceited; he regularly becomes obsessed with current fads, only to abandon  them abruptly.  Having recently given up boating, Toad’s current craze is his horse-drawn caravan.  He persuades the reluctant Rat and willing Mole to join him on a trip.  Toad soon tires of the realities of camp life, and sleeps in the following day to avoid chores.  Later that day, a passing motorcar scares the horse, causing the caravan to overturn into a ditch.  Rat threaten to have the law on the car driver, while Mole claims the horse, but Toad’s craze for caravan travel is immediately replaced by obsession with motorcars,’   according to Wikipedia.


IMG_3329IMG_3332IMG_3334Mary Jane and I took our friend of thirteen years, Brody, to the Veterinarian today for his annual check up.  He is doing remarkably well of his age.

IMG_3339Our good friend, Betsy the Veterinarian Technician, told us that often Boston Terriers live to sixteen or seventeen years of age…Hurray!

In the 1990’s I faithfully watched ‘The Wind in the Willows’ on the Disney Chanel, each Sunday before we attended Church.  Often I enjoyed the program’s lessons more than the sermon.

We have had dogs, primarily Boston Terriers, for thirty years.  They have been consistently an integral part of our family.  I am convinced that they understand most of what you say to them and what is going on in the household…which is their world!

IMG_3305Wallace is our Brown Boston.  He was purchased in Fairview Heights, Illinois immediately after Mary Jane received good news regarding an eye problem that she was experiencing.  We all were worried…a lot!

When she received the good news we proceeded to Lotta Watta Creek Restaurant for a Lunch Celebration!  Long Island Ice Tea…was on special…after a few Specials…we proceeded to the Mall that was next door…and thus we have Wallace T. Brooks!

IMG_3312Parker Gulley…is our rescue dog.  She was thrown from a automobile in Gulley Park and her Jaw was broken…and she was an adorable Lab/Mix.  We have raised her from a pup.  She is a sweet and loyal friend!

We, in the early 90’s purchased two dogs…for the boys.  I fear that they were as much for us.  Their love and never-failing companionship is a tremendous gift.  They are down…when you are down..and they are happy when you are happy!

IMG_3324IMG_3308IMG_0020IMG_1565IMG_0083 2IMG_0052When the end of life comes….and God’s future presents itself for our joyful surprise and enthusiasm…I am certain that members of the animal kingdom will be there…in  all of their pristine glory…and very likely with the ability to speak to we humans…and tell us of the majesty of creation!

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  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you. Our Airedale terrier was a large part of my family’s life when I was still living at home. I also am a Wind in the Willows fan. In fact, I actually tried to see Toad of Toad hall while visiting friends in London, and was told it was sold for the entire run, since the families love it so much, but they could get me football tickets. C’est la vie.

    1. Thank you my friend. 🐸

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