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Please enjoy this wonderful Blog Post by my son Jonathon!


A friend recently asked me who my favorite character in the Bible is. No one immediately leaped into my mind as an answer. Then I mentioned the Holy Ghost. My friend replied, “Yeah, well, other than the trinity.” So I thought for a few more moments. Then I replied that the second thief who was crucified alongside Christ is my favorite Bible character.

This story is near the end of the gospel of Luke. Two thieves were crucified with Christ Jesus. The first thief mocked Jesus and wanted to know if Jesus really was who He claimed to be then why didn’t He save all three of them. The second thief rebuked the first. The second thief remarked that they were getting what their deeds deserved but that Christ had done nothing wrong. Then he said one brave and beautiful line, “Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”…

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  1. Thank you for the succint version of the bible’s record of the cruxifixion scene. In one of my major surgeries, I “died” only to be resuscitated. I did not see the bright light or stairway. Instead I saw self crucified as one of the 2 thieves and being brought down to be held in Mary’s arms like the Pieta and I woke up. I never understood this vision and have been very puzzled by it. Your post today brought me closer to understanding why I lived…I guess I now have to figure out my purpose of living 😉😄😄

  2. You’re welcome. And thank you for sharing your story with me.

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