Chimayo, New Mexico…A Weaver’s Dream!

While visiting with Ira Kaye’s friend, Ann, she told us of a wonderful weaving community that was near Santa Fe.  Chimayo is a meca for natural…old time method…hand weaved products.

‘Chimayo is a census-designated place (CDP) in Rio Arriba and Santa Fe counties in the U.S. state of New Mexico; the name derives form a Tewa name for a local landmark, the hill of Tsi Mayoh.  The town is unincorporated and includes many neighborhoods , called plazas or plactias, each with its own name, including El Potrero de Chimayo (the plaza near Chimayo’s communal pasture) and the Plaza del Cerro (plaza by the hill).  The cluster of plazas called Chimayo lies near Santa Cruz about 25 miles north of Santa Fe.  The population was 3,177 at the 2010 census.   WikipediA

IMG_3804Ever since we had journeyed to New Mexico, for the ‘Adroit and Classy ‘ Carson and the ‘Lovely and Brilliant’ Mechem’s, wedding…three years ago…we had wanted some authentic hand woven…table runners.

IMG_3809‘My days are swifter than a weaver’ shuttle, and are spent without hope.’   Job lamented in Job 7:6   KJV

IMG_3824IMG_3822The calm and peace of the weaving community is pervasive and welcome.  Their ancient art is beautiful and life affirming!

IMG_3818I think, that I often forget, how lovely the old art forms are.  The simplicity of living with the rhythms of the Earth…are truly peaceful and holistic.

IMG_3829The picturesque…compelling…peaceful…beauty… of the finished weaved product…will bring happiness to your soul!


We traveled on higher into the mountains of New Mexico…to a wonderful and sweet weaver…who only saw customers by appointment.  Her pretty granddaughter was with her…and we purchased two of her magnificent works!


When asked of her preferred method of payment…she responded cash or check.  When we attempted to offer identification for our check…she said that she trusted us…now that is a humbling…honor!

IMG_3839While we were there…a cold rainstorm came up…out of nowhere.  The wind began to blow and the temperature dropped over twenty degrees…in a matter of a few minutes.  The feeling of being with such a trusting person…and the sudden change of weather…gave a surreal quality…to our joyful interactions.


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  1. Northern New Mexico is one of my favorite places, weaving, pottery, silver work…it is all found there, created by age old techniques.

    1. It is marvelous! 😉

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