Six Days to the Eclipse!

I was driving to Carbondale earlier today.  The Sheriff has a Command Post, about two and one half miles from my house…and I live in the country.


I stopped in our local Kroger store, for a grand slice of hand tossed pizza, and overheard two gentlemen talking.  One exclaimed to the other, ‘that NASA was going to leave the telescope, that they had sent to SIU, as the next eclipse was happening in 2024.’


The Re-Grand Opening of Kroger, as it has been remodeled, had a lot of people inside today.  I could not ascertain if these people were stocking up, as we have been admonished to do before the eclipse viewers descend on our little city, or if, indeed, the Sun Enthusiast had already begun to arrive.

This past Saturday, we journeyed to Blue Sky Winery…which is the nexus for the longest duration of the eclipse…in the nation.




Our friend, Liz, joined us…and we had a lovely day!

I asked one of the young women that was working at the winery…if she was ready for the influx of sun and wine connoisseur?  She said that she was.

Traffic seemed greater…but it is also move in week for SIU…in preparation for the Fall Semester that begins next week.

I caught a glimpse of our new Chancellor…he seemed excited and ready for the challenge.

My old friend, Jim Allen, is coming back to Southern Illinois from his home in see the eclipse.  I remember talking with him about an eclipse…when we were kids…many years ago.


Our University is looking resplendent and ready for the upcoming semester!  We are excited about displaying it for the thousands of wonderful people that are coming to visit us…it is our special treasure!


IMG_3534 2IMG_3609Unknown-3IMG_4189It seems that in our present day…all to few things…bring us together.  Certainly it is exciting to be a part of an all encompassing event, the eclipse, that captivates the attention of the nation…and focuses it on Little Egypt…Southern Illinois!

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  1. Good luck with the hordes of eclipse watchers! I wish I could be one of them.

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