Eclipse – Five Days Until Darkness!


‘4 Days 22 Hours 24 Minutes 1 Second’ until the Eclipse!

‘The August 21 , 2017 eclipse will travel 2,500 miles across the United States of America in an estimated 70 mile wide path, beginning its journey in Oregon, crossing 12 states, and ending at the Atlantic Ocean off the shore of South Carolina.  NASA will be streaming the eclipse live from Carbondale, one of the designated sweet spots within the path of totality.’

‘Carbondale is only a few miles north from the point of greatest duration.  At approximately 1:20 pm CDT on August 21, 2017, you can experience the total eclipse for 2 minutes and 38 seconds.’   Carbondale Eclipse



As I was walking the SIU Campus today I noticed a Eclipse Fair…being set up, in conjunction with the historic event.



The ancient Egyptian Running Dog, the Saluki, is the mascot for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


NASA will be broadcasting from the Football Stadium.



National Media will be converging on our little city.  CBS News will be doing their nightly news broadcast from the Stadium on Monday evening.


Planning for this captivating event has been going on for two years or more.

Carbondale has installed new sidewalks on the primary street leading to SIU.

My friend and former colleague, Elizabeth, has been working night and day to ensure that her, important part of the operation, runs like a finely tuned clock!

People are streaming in…anticipation….and excitement are at their zenith!

The SIU Campus and the Carbondale Community…will never be the same!



NOW – 4 Days 21 Hours 21 Minutes 31 Seconds


6 responses

  1. I did not know about this one!

    1. Yes, this Monday at 1:20 pm CDT. A few miles from my home, is the longest duration of darkness, or Totality. The longest darkness is at Blue Sky Winery. 🍷

  2. Wow! This is going to be quite an astronomical yet phenomenal event! I eagerly await your post on this in due time. Take care and like they say, do not stare into it with naked eyes.

  3. Looks like Carbondale is perfectly placed for eclipse watching. I don’t think we will see much of it where I am.

    1. Mary Jane and I are going to watch it from our yard. 🌞

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