Happy Times!

I was, already, reminiscing about last Monday and the indescribable Eclipse!

Although I identify closely with Southern Illinois University and everything that they are involved in…I, at the last minute, decided to go the Blue Sky Vineyard for the actual event.

IMG_4314IMG_4302The spirit of fun and expectancy and adventure…was alive at the Vineyard on Eclipse Day!

IMG_4448IMG_4536There was no discussion about politics or war or major disagreements…or petty ones.  We all were united in the singular purpose of being witness to an event that was far greater than any of us.

IMG_4330IMG_4518I loved the television show, The Sopranos, and remember well Tony Soprano’s son’s comment to him during the last few minutes of the long running series.  A.J. Soprano mentioned how he was enjoying having dinner at a diner with his Mom and Dad and that his Dad, Tony, had told him to always enjoy the good times.  Tony, responded, that he guessed A.J. was right and that they were experiencing one of the good times.

IMG_4504I think that often the singular beauty and profound happiness of events in our lives…are lost on us…as we seek the joy and fulfillment that the media and society has told us equates the ‘Happiness Ideal.’

Is it possible to miss life…while we are living?


2 responses

  1. I am go glad these finally showed on my reader else I would have missed these last 3 posts! Strange it did not come into my reader once you posted! Must be a glitch. Looks like I need to visit your site regularly to ensure I do not miss out on anything. Happy Friday and weekend ahead BJ 🙂

    1. A happy and peaceful weekend, to you, my friend. 🌞

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