The Surprise!

Below, is a short ficitonal story.


The darkness, and the smell of the hospital room was heavy and foreboding.  Each time the patient dozed…there was the unannounced entrance of another nurse or technician.  The beep…beep…beep of the attached machines made him so conscientious of his erratic heartbeat…that he felt it only made it worse.

The looks of sorrow on his families faces, made him sad.  He thought that he must be close to the end of his life.

There was Mom…talking to him and happy and in her right mind.  She had suffered with Alzheimer Disease for many years.  She spent almost ten years in the Nursing Home…before her death.

How could she be talking with him in his hospital room?

Suddenly, he was at work…at the University.  He was speaking with the Chancellor regarding how to increase enrollment.


Now he was back in the hospital room and the television was playing.  The Sopranos was on…and it was the episode where Tony Soprano was watching himself on a television in his kitchen, and wondering if he was dreaming, or if it was reality?

There was Dad and he was giving him a silver dollar.  He had not seen his Father since the mid 1960’s.  At that last encounter… he had given him a silver dollar.


His Dad told him that he would see him soon…and he wondered how this could be since his Father had died in the 1980’s?

The Doctor said, authoritatively, for all family to clear the room…the nurse opened his hospital gown…and he felt cold metal on his chest.

The patient saw his boys and his wife weeping…and beseeching him to stay with them!

There was a beautiful and brilliant light.  It reminded him of the eclipse that he had observed…so many years ago.


What he saw next was indescribable.  Life in it’s past and present and future…was before him and he wondered how religion…had gotten so many things wrong.


Merry Christmas Dad, his sons said to him, as he opened his presents.


‘Dad, for a moment you seemed to be daydreaming,’ his son said.



7 responses

    1. Thank you my friend. 🤠

  1. You could write more fiction – this is a good read!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Very encouraging! 🌞

  2. This is spectacular. (And fascinating from a philosophical stand point) More please.

    1. Thank you my friend. You are much to kind. 🤠

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