A Tutor Or A Planner?

As I was walking through Morris Library, this morning, I heard a young woman, who was representing the University, exclaim, ‘Do you need a tutor or a planner?’


I can not tell you how much this impressed me.

Our wonderful students are just starting out on their adult journey…and there is a lot of decisions to make, on a daily basis, to just negotiate the fundamentals of daily life.


For SIU to take the time…and put someone in this very important position…of making crystal clear to our students, both new and returning, that there is academic assistance for them…and so early in the semester…was heartwarming.

Former interim chancellor, John Dunn, told me that many students get lost in the bureaucracy, while some are discovered to have never attended class.

What I observed today represented the proactive approach to assuring a successful SIU student.


When I returned to walking outside, I passed SIUC Chi Alpha Ministries where two students were speaking to another student…and they were having the best of conversations, replete with laughing and patting each other on the back.


Students, and all of us, connect with a, place, in a multitude of different ways and with a plethora of  different people.


Through out my life I have met people who like me…and people for whom…I am not their cup of tea.


Southern has so many organizations and groups to connect with, and to see one in action today was a real treat.


Outside the Student Center was yet another table staffed with people who could answer questions regarding financial aid.


These positive efforts, by the Campus, to reach students…where they are at…gives me hope for the future of our great School.


I saw on the news where new chancellor Montemagno said that if you have been hurt by SIU Carbondale…’come back and we will make it right.’

Now, that is something that I do not see often…a leader with a servant’s heart.



As with any organization…it is true…some have been hurt.

Let us make today…the first day of our renewed and revitalized and rejuvenated, dedication…to the Renaissance of Southern Illinois University!




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