You… Determine How People Perceive… You

We had the nicest young man service our furnace and air conditioning system today.    It was time for our annual furnace check-up from D and C Heating and Cooling.

His friendly attitude and well mannered disposition, made him a delight to do business with.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with my friend, Scott McClatchey, who recently moved to southern California.  Scott, is just a great person and a positive influence.  Southern California’s gain…was Southern Illinois’ loss.


People form the, ‘story of you’, by the narrative that you write for them.


If you are constantly down on yourself…or feel that you never get the good breaks…or if negative experiences begin to be your identity…then…others will form the same opinion that you illustrate and give voice to…of yourself.

Have you ever worked with someone that is so preoccupied with the problems in their life, that it is difficult for them to perform their job duties?

Have you ever been employed by an institution…that although the pay and benefits and working conditions are, for the most part good, and yet your colleagues complained and criticize the institution…from the beginning of the day…until it’s conclusion?


When I began working at Southern Illinois University…I could not believe my good fortune.  I began as a Building Service Worker…which is a janitor…and I was proud and thrilled to have the opportunity!


I determined that I was going to be a professional custodial employee and that those who encountered me or my work…would leave feeling that they had dealt with a courteous and friendly professional.



If you had told me that there would come a day that I would be the Superintendent of the department…I would have laughed heartily.


However, positive perception that is consistent…makes a difference.

Chancellors and Presidents of SIU asked my opinion regarding a wide range of University issues…and they were speaking to a housekeeping employee…that they respected.


SIU is turning a corner…if everyone in the University Community has the courage and determination…to do so.


If we present ourself in a positive and excellent manner to…the Southern Illinois Community…to the State of Illinois…to our Nation…and to the world…we will be an integral part of the Renaissance of Southern Illinois University!


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