What Time Is It?

‘A Brooks Tale’


It was a lovely day to play croquet.


I had enjoyed the old English game since I was a child.

Mary Jane’s mom and dad, had an old set that I was sure must have been purchased many years ago.

We enjoyed the game and the out of doors and sipped both dry and dirty martinis…and did not have a care in the world.


‘Dad, do you want another Dirty,’ Jonathon called to me.

‘Yes I do…and make it extra dirty…if you know what I mean,’ I replied.

I had enjoyed dirty martinis since the days of our friends, Peter and Jo Ann, and could she ever make a delicious and strong drink.

Peter and Jo Ann and Mary Jane and I,  took an overnight trip to St. Louis, once, and had the best time.  We stayed at the Hilton and the following morning we enjoyed a champagne breakfast.

Jo Ann’s martini glasses…were unusually large.

It was a rather warm day for October, 95 degrees, and climbing.  Not so long ago…outdoor games were relegated to summer…but recently…we played them year round.

‘I am looking forward to our cruise in the spring,’ Mary Jane said.

‘It will be an epic anniversary gift,’ I announced.


‘Where, in Alaska, are you going to visit,’ Aaron asked?

‘I think that it is pretty well open for business and tourism… across the state,’ I replied.

IMG_0297 2

‘Dear, you took my turn,’ noted Mary Jane.

‘I am so sorry, my dear, I was just day dreaming about change,’ I said.

‘Change, can be a positive thing,’ Aaron extolled.

‘Yes, that is true…but sometimes…I miss how it was,’ I said sadly.

‘Did you lock the iron gate, Jonathon, I asked?

‘Yes, I did that several hours ago…, he responded.

‘Was there anyone outside the gate,’ I inquired?

‘Oh, hundreds, Dad, perhaps thousands…the guards appeared to have put on extra staff,’ Jonathon said.

‘Did you hear about SIU,’ Aaron asked?

‘No, I have not been able to walk there for a long time…and there is little to no news that is worth reading or listening to lately,’  I said.

‘Some of the University buildings are being used as homeless shelters…primarily Puerto Ricans and Southern Refugees, Aaron explained.

‘Classes are still being held on the Old Campus…though,’ he went on to say.

Mary Jane asked us to change the subject and focus on the croquet game and consider our blessings.

I agreed…to think that were going to celebrate our 60th anniversary…and tour Alaska…and visit my brother, Brock, and my lovely sister in law, Marcy, and they were still only in their 60’s.

‘What time is it, Dad,’ Jonathon asked?

‘My watch says that it is 7pm…but I swear…I have not been able to tell if it is night or day…since the Blast…




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