Lunch with My Friend and Fall Beauty

I just left a wonderful lunch with my friend, Jim, and a discussion of a project that he and I are going to partner on.

It was fun to discuss a writing project…and the ideas are already percolating.

Besides that, Jim bought my lunch in celebration of my 60th birthday.

What is not to like?

IMG_6291I was pleased to hear of the many innovations that have occurred in the Housekeeping industry since my retirement…almost seven years ago.

IMG_6293Indeed, having spent my career in the Custodial industry…I am excited to learn of the many innovative tools that have been created, in the last five years, that assist in enabling custodial professionals to excel.

IMG_6307I dedicated my professional life to illustrating that the Building Services Staff at Southern Illinois University exemplified the elite of Housekeeping professionals, not only in the state of Illinois…but throughout the country.

IMG_6300Today, listening to Jim’s, cutting edge program of custodial maintenance and the flexibility that it affords, was an encouragement to me…for the future of my beloved Building Service’s Staff.

IMG_6309When a Cleaning Organization buys into…what is considered the best procedures that are currently on the market…they have gone a long way to securing their continued viability.

IMG_6304In the world of ever increasing diminished resources…it is vital to maximize the Housekeeping Technicians that you have.

Working smarter…rather than harder…is the key to continued Housekeeping success and job security.


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  1. Happy 60thπŸŽ‚ and am glad you had a good time. In just thinking out loud, maybe you can embark on a cleaning company or provider of services that are in tandem with your work previously. Perhaps as a contractor of sorts. This could be your 2nd fun career (?)😊

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