Christmas Through Child’s Eyes

For many years our church has participated in the Interfaith Council Spirit of Christmas Project.

Each year, our church members buy gifts, that have been requested by children who are anonymous to us and we to them.

Each Christmas Season that I have been privileged to be a part of this wonderful program…I have been blessed.


As we shop for the little toys and books and other requested items…I am transported to my childhood…where one or two gifts, that I had been hoping for, meant the world to me and made Christmas shine with a special brilliance.



Legend has it that Santa visits every house on Christmas Eve and that he slides down the chimney with a sack full of colorfully wrapped presents and candy and fruit and joyful surprises.

The truth is…many children do not receive a visit from the Jolly Old Elf…and the world takes on a coldness and a grayness and a harsh edge.

I did not receive a lot of Christmas gifts when I was a child…at times…there just was not the money for them.

The gifts that I did receive were precious and I remember each and every one.

Christmas, is a bit of a reset of life…don’t you think?


Whether it has been a harsh year or a year of poor health or failed relationships or loss of a job and financial worry and care… or a a time of grief and the loss of a loved one…Christmas gives us a time to pause and reflect and renew our spirits for the road of life that is ahead.

There is no better way to have your faith in God renewed or reset…than to have someone care about you and reach out to you…and give you a gift…with no desire of a gift in return.

4 responses

  1. You are right in that Christmas makes us think and reflect. For most Christmas is always a hard time for those without much money to by gifts as subsistence was a priority. This is why these days, I cringe at the commercialism of Christmas and children of the Gen Y, X or IGen (new term I learnt) have the best of technological gifts as they are born in a developed country with lesser siblings. Gone are the days of it is the thought that counts or home made gifts. Good reminder as always BJ for reality checks. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much. Christmas 🎄 has always been a time of reflection, for me. A look back at the year, that was, and a look forward at what life may bring. 🎅🏻

  2. What a lovely post, BJay! And what a wonderful thing to be involved in. Christmas should be special for every child and anything we can do to help that is so worthwhile. Bless you, hon! 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you, my good friend. 🎄🎅🏻

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