‘A Christmas Tale’

A Brooks Tale


‘Well, Melania, I think we have put Roy over the top tonight,’ the President remarked as he slipped into bed.

‘I am so tired…I am tired in a huge way,’ he continued.

‘Dear, what happened to you the other day when you slurred your words at the conclusion of your speech,’ Melania asked.

‘I felt like, that I was experiencing what I have read regarding the first signs of having a stroke…it was scary…but as usual…I did not reveal any fear,’ the President responded.

‘You must have a check-up and soon,’ Melania retorted.

‘All right my love…but it must remain secret if there is something physically wrong with me…the President can not afford to show weakness,’ he replied.

‘Dad always told me to never show weakness and to turn a failure into a success…if you can only claim it is a success…evidence is not important…what is important is what people see and hear and the ‘Good Story’ will be the one that is believed…facts are not important,’ the President remarked as he slipped off to sleep.

A noise of someone walking in the Lincoln Bedroom was disconcerting in the dark.

The President and the First Lady had taken to sleeping in the renown bedroom as it gave the President a feeling of being close to greatness.

‘Donnie, is that you son,’ Fred Trump quietly inquired?

‘Dad, what are you doing here…are you a ghost,’ the President said, fearfully?

‘Yes, son, you are screwing up and you need to change before it is to late,’ Fred Christ Trump said to his son.


‘But, Dad, I just wanted to make you proud of me.  You sent me to the New York Military Academy to give me discipline and make me great.’

‘I know that Fred was your favorite son…and I loved him as well, but he did not have the steel to be a businessman like you wanted…and the love of alcohol killed him,’ the President said.

‘Your bias and prejudice toward African Americans and Muslims is staggering and embarrassing,’ Fred said.


‘But, Dad, you were arrested at a KKK Rally,’ the President responded.

‘Martin is one of my best friends…he stood up for me when some said that I was not worthy of Heaven…and Medgar Evers plays Bridge with me on Tuesday nights,’ Fred responded.

‘You know, Dad, I feel like everything is crashing around me and I am having trouble understanding why so many dislike and hate me,’ the President said.

‘Donnie, I do not want you to make the mistakes that I did.  My time on the Earth was swift…and your’s will be also.  If you want people to love you…you will have to love them.  If you want people to listen to you…your must listen to them and not just the sliver of people that got you elected…you are the President of the United States and that includes every citizen…and they come in all colors and faiths,’ Fred said.’


‘Who is that with you, Dad,’ said the President?

Hi Chief, it is your old friend and lawyer, Roy Cohn.’

‘Hey Roy, what have you been up to,’ inquired the President?

‘I have been walking to and fro in the Earth, with my mentor, ‘seeking whom I may devour,’ said the President’s former Counselor.

‘Roy, we had some fun…didn’t we…we scared the shit out of a lot of people…and what about the night life,’ said the President?

‘I was unhappy throughout my life and I manifested it by bullying everyone that I encountered.’

‘I was Joe McCarthy’s hatchet man and I ruined lives of innocent people…in the name of lust and greed and avarice and because I enjoyed it, said Roy…sullenly.

‘But, Roy, you sure helped me establish myself in Manhattan as the King of Real Estate,’ remarked the President.

‘Mr President, the dark place that I dwell in and the pain that I feel…every moment…and the chains that I forged in life…are unbearable…when all that I really wanted was to connect with others and feel wanted.’


‘Life on Earth…is a test…it is an audition…it is standing at the outside of a great door…and then the door opens…and you enter…and then you understand the purpose of your life and how badly you missed the entire point,’ said a remorseful Roy.

‘Hi little brother, ‘said Freddy.  How are you buddy?

‘Freddy, I miss you every day,’ said the President.

‘I wanted to be just like you…you were wonderful in every way…and after your death I decided that I would become ruthless in business…and now in politics.’

‘No one really liked me…but you Freddy, and I decided that strength and being the hardest bastard in the room…was the only way to success…for me,’ said the President ruefully.

‘Buddy, you have made it,’ said Freddy!  You can be truly loved if you reach out and bring people together.’

‘The world is more lonely than it has ever been, said Freddy.

‘I was terribly lonely, ‘Freddy went on to say.


‘We are at the crossroads of history…and you have two paths to choose from…that is why we have chosen to visit you tonight…’ said Fred.

‘You can arise, in the morning, and lead in a totally different direction than you have over your first year…you can love black and brown and red and yellow people…you can respect Muslims and Jews and all faiths…as they all have a portion of the path to God,’ said Freddy.


‘As far as the investigations…what will be will be…but you have time to create a legacy of love and compassion and caring…that will outlive your term in office,’ said all three in a rhythmic chant.

‘I see a mushroom cloud…and I see millions of hungry being fed…it is your choice,’ said Roy.


‘Good morning Mr. President, said Congressman John Lewis…I have decided that I will attend the opening of the Civil Rights Museum with you today.’


‘It seems especially sunny and warm for this time in December,’said the President.

‘You know, John, I have not felt well for a long time…I would very much like to feel better,’ said the President.


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