Southern Illinois University in Black and White

Of late, I have been producing more black and white photos.

I enjoy the timelessness of black and white.

IMG_7315Wheeler Hall, which served as the University’s first Library.

IMG_7314IMG_7244IMG_7325Shadows on Allyn.

IMG_7328And, then there is the Castle.

IMG_7141Altgeld Hall, which is modeled after the European Castles that Illinois Governor Altgeld visited during a tour of Europe.

IMG_7294IMG_7232The majestic beauty of the Old Campus is compelling.

IMG_7256IMG_7205IMG_7136IMG_7318IMG_7347‘The Stairway to Heaven”

IMG_7014St. Charles Christmas Carriage.

IMG_7138Altgeld Hall’s Winter Look.

5 responses

  1. There is always that aura of classiness in a black and white photo! I used to admire the works of Ansel Adams too who largely took black and white photos to exhibit. Another medium that I quite like to see is Sepia tone photos. These are also awesome as reminds me of the time gone by too. Thanks for the share BJ!

    1. Thank you, my friend. Black and White, lends, a mystery and some magic to a photo, I think.

  2. Looks wonderful – and what a fabulous quality to your b&w shots!

    1. Thank you, my friend. ğŸŽ„

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