The Humility of Servant Leaders

‘1. Humble Leaders Lead by Listening.

2. Humble Leaders Never Stop Learning.

3. Humble Leaders Don’t Seek Power; It Seeks Them.

4. Humble Leaders Unite – They Don’t Divide.

5. Humble Leaders Delegate.

6. Humble Leaders Forgive.

7. Humble Leaders Admit Mistakes.

8. Humble Leaders Separate Themselves From the Office/Position They Occupy.

9. Humble Leaders Pull-Not-Push- Their Team Members.

10. Humble Leaders Pursue Causes Greater Than Themselves.’   According to, ‘Giant Worldwide’



Leadership has fascinated me since I was a child.

I have known many leaders and often they possessed a great ego and a considerable amount of pride in their abilities.

One of the most transformative occurrences that I have witnessed is a person being elevated to a leadership position and subsequently being humble enough to listen and learn from those that they have been asked to lead.

A leader that understands that the people that he/she has been asked to lead…often have insights and understanding that the leader does not possess.

Servant leadership…can not be faked.  You know it when you see it.


The leader that listens more than they speak is of great value.

Many times, we humans, are attracted to the loudest or the boldest or the most shocking…faux leader.


Have you ever taken the time to listen to the promises of many of our politicians and then gone back, later, to see how many of those promises were kept?

Often, I have witnessed the manager or administrator who once they are chosen for a leadership position…they suddenly become the smartest person in the room.  It is as if they have been endowed with some magic dust or other spiritual ingredients that has caused them to be the ‘brilliant leader’ of a group of sub-par troglodytes.

Indeed, humble leaders inspire confidence in those that they want to follow them.


I have been a part of our Campus, at SIU,  uniting around leaders that inspired us to be our best and to reach for the stars.

It is a wonderful feeling and a creator of tremendous inspiration when a humble leader seeks your assistance and you feel valued and that your contribution to the organization is vital.

I always said, regarding disciplinary action against staff, who’s infraction could be better solved by simply talking about the problem and agreeing on a solution…that I would rather ere on the side of mercy than judgement.

Humble leaders forgive.


The ability to separate yourself from the office that you occupy as a leader is a unique ability.  Leadership is simply a temporary stewardship position and it should be held with a loose grasp…understanding fully that the task will end but the human beings that you affected will be the legacy of your tenure.

Reluctant leaders or leaders that would prefer to sit in the back of the room and not be known by anyone…are refreshing.

Leaders that do not fully realize their abilities and potential but who are gratified when positive things happen to those that they work with…are invaluable.

I often reference former Southern Illinois University President, Delyte Morris, who is responsible for the world renown University that is SIU.  Dr. Morris inspired everyone from the janitor to the faculty and students flocked to his experiment in inclusiveness.


The former Comedy Great, Dick Gregory, said that Dr. Morris was the first white man who spoke to him with respect.

Real and inclusive and humble and a servant leader…is magnetic and compelling and it brings people together and it builds something much greater than the leader themselves.





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  1. Freakin’ awesome. Do us all a favor and submit this to Success Inspirers World. Tell ’em Ana sent you.

    1. You are much to kind, my friend. 😉🎄

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  3. Oh BJ…all so true! This is really good to remember and live by! Thanks

    1. You are most welcome. 😉

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