Christmas @ Campus Lake

Jonathon and I walked Campus Lake today and admired the annual tradition of placing Christmas Ornaments and even garland on the winter bare trees.

IMG_7512IMG_7514As we continued to walk along the pristine path we noticed that the decorations became more plentiful.

IMG_7516IMG_7520IMG_7530I reflected on the many years that I have been walking around Campus Lake.

There were years that I felt inadequate for the job that I had been asked to do.

There were years that I feared that my department would be contracted due to leadership not requiring our best housekeeping efforts from us.

Some Decembers, I wondered if I would be a part of the University Community…this time next year…and I knew that…so many people were counting on me.

And, there were many years that I walked around our beautiful Campus Lake…during the Christmas Season…with a song in my heart…because I knew that we were doing our best…and had wonderful leadership from the top of the organization.

And, so, Place, really does identify with a person…the longer that they have been a part of a geographical area.

You love the people and you identify with their concerns and their worries and their challenges.

Pastor Janice, told me this past Sunday, that she loved my writing…her words meant so much to me…

We really are players in and a part of a master plan…we must play our part well….as the old christian song says…’we will understand it better, by and by.’

IMG_7538Chancellor Montemagno, tweeted, that an anonymous person purchased his lunch yesterday at a local cafe.  He said, ‘that he loved being a part of this community.’

I agree with the Chancellor.  I can not think of anywhere, and I have been all over the world, that I would rather live than right here in Carbondale…in Southern Illinois!


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